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KoBulChess Обратни матове 2013 Класиране
logo(21.12.2014) Тук е класирането на раздел Обратни матове на сайта KoBulChess за 2013 година. Благодарност към съдията на турнира г.м. Петко Петков за класирането, което остава открито за контестации за срок от 1 месец.
KoBulChess Selfmates 2013 AWARD
Judge: IGM Petko Petkov - International judge of FIDE
  Total 22 problems from 12 authors were presentedin this competition. In my opinion this is a successful tournament! This assessment is based mainly on the problems honored with prizes.
   Some remarks:
n. 175 - Long but rather mechanical play.
n. 181 - Elementary content.
n. 138, n. 191, n. 200 - Fata Morgana, long play but without new elements.
n. 203 - A banal- mechanismfor battery - transformation. An unpleasant repetition (3.Rxd3+) in the try - play.
n. 230 - Fully symmetric play and much heavy construction.
1-2 Prize: n. 240 Steven B. Dowd
   1.Sa6! Ka4 2.Qc6+ Ka5 3.Rb5+ Ka4 4.Sc5+ Bxc5 5.Rb6+ Ka5
6.Ra6+ Kb4 7.Ra4+ Kc3 8.Qf6+ Bd4 9.Qe5! Bxe5#
   1...Kxa6 2.Qc8+ Ka7! 3.Qc7+ Ka6 4.Qb7+ Ka5 5.Sc4+ Ka4
6.Qa7+ Ba5 7.Sb2+ Ka3 8.Qc5+ Bb4 9.Qc3+ Bxc3#
The very old Fata - Morgana idea into a new layout with two nice variations that demonstrate beautiful maneuvers!  Especially interesting is the key move. Although the play is not quite equal in both variations, this contents deserves a high score!
1-2 Prize: n. 255 Zivko Janevski  
 *1...Bxb2 2.Sd2+ cxd2 3.Qd4+ Bxd4#
   1.Rb~? (2.Sd2+ cxd2 3.Qd4+ Bxd4#), 1...Se6!
   1.Rb6! (2.Sd2+ cxd2 3.Qd4+ Bxd4#)
1...Rxd6 2.Rc7+ Rc6 3.Sd6+ Qxd6#
1...Bxe4 2.Be2+ Bd3 3.Qe4+ Qxe4#
1...Se6+ 2.Qd4+ Sxd4 3.Rc6+ Sxc6#
A very nice S#3 that demonstrates an interesting idea - Bristol theme which is combined with Annihilation of the white figure occupying  square on the thematic line! The black pins, white Correction and Umnov effects are an important components of this rich contents!
3rd Prize: n. 194 Anatoly Stepochkin
   1.Qe5! (2.Rxb5+ Bxb5 3.Qxb5+ Kxb5#) 1…Bg2 2.Qh8 (3.Rxb5+ Kxb5#)
2…Bf1 3.Qe8 Bg2 4.Rc6 Bf15.Rcd6 Bg2 6.Qh8 Bf1 7.Qe5 Bg2 8.Qh2 Bf1
9.Rxb5+ Bxb510.Rd5 Qf1 11.Qa2 ~ 12.Rxb5+ Qxb5 13.b4+ Qxb4# 
A very surprising white Queen Switchback in logical style. The problem deserves a prize, although the logical layout of the idea is not entirely accurate.
Special Prize n. 219: Hartmut Laue & Paul Raican  
   1.g8S? but1...g4xf3 !, 1.g8R? but1...g3!
   1.Qa8! (2.g8R ~ 3.Rc8 ~ 4.Ra7 ~ 5.Ra3+ bxa3 6.Qxa3+ Sxa3#)
1...g3 2.g8S! g2 3.Sf6 g1S 4.Se4 Sxf3 5.Sd4+ Sxd4 6.Sd2+ Sxd2,cxd2#
(3...g1B 4.Se4 Ba7 5.Qxa7 ~ 6.Sd2+ Sxd2,cxd2#) 
A very complex play in a logical style. This conception deserves special attention, although the black Pawn`s defenses are somewhat monotonous.
1st Hon.Mention: n. 283 Ivan Soroka
1…Kc3 2.Rc4+ Kd3 3.b8BKe3 4.Bf4+ Kd3 5.Sf3 Kxc4 6.Qxb3+ Kc5 7.Qc4+Rxc4#
1…Ke3 2.Re4+ Kd3 3.Re5 Kd4 4.Sf3+ Kc4 5.Bxb3+ Kd3 6.Bc4+ Kxc4 7.Qa2+Rxa2#
[4...Kd3? 5.Rxb3+ Kc4 6.Re3+Rxa2#, 3...Kc3? 4.Tb3+ Kd4 5.Sf3+ Kc4 6.Re3+Rxa2#]
Play of masked black battery combined with an Annihilation of Pb3.  A very ambitious idea, but the realization is obviously not quite perfect. There is no full identity between the both variations and from other side - it is unpleasantly that the Pb7 plays only in one variation.
2nd Hon.Mention: n. 188 Gennadi Koziura    
    1.Rg8! (zz)
    1...Ke7 2.Qc7+ Sd7 3.Kd4 Kf7 4.Kd5 Ke7 5.Bd4 Kf7
6.Bg6+ Ke7 7.Qxb7 (zz) Bxb7#    
    1...Ke5 2.Qc5+ Sd5+ 3.Kd3 Kf5 4.Be3 Ke5 5.Bd2 Kf5
6.g4+ Ke5 7.Qxb5 (zz) Bxb5#
Echo - model mates, but the construction is quite heavy and unaesthetic. But this problem has a significant “compensatory plus” - the excellent key - move!
Commendations (without ranks):
n. 115 - Zivko Janevski
1.Be~? (2.Rf4+ gxf4 3.Qd5+ Qxd5#), but 1…Qh7!
  1.Bc8!(2.Rf4+ gxf4 3.Qd5+ Qxd5#)
1...Qxf3 2.Sd2+ exd2 3.Qd3+ Qxd3#
1...Qg4 2.Rxe3+ Kxe3 3.Qd4+ Qxd4#
1...Qh6 2.Bf5+ gxf5 3.Qe6+ Qxe6#
(1….Qh7 2.Bb7+ Qxb7 3.Qd5+ Qxd5#)
 n. 127 - Velko Alexandrov
   1.Qf2! (2.Sxc3+ Q(d)xc3 3.Re5+ Rxe5#)
1...Bg4 2.Sf6+ e(g)xf6 3.Qxd4+ Kxd4#
1...Bxc4 2.Rf4+ gxf4 3.Qf3+ Kxf3#
 n. 159 - Rodolfo Riva
   1.Bh6! (zz)
1...gxf6 2.Qxf6+ Re5 3.Qf4+ Re4 4.g5 Rxf4#
1...gxh6 2.Rd1+ Kxe3 3.Qxc5+ Kf4 4.Qg5+ hxg5#
 n. 174 - Rodolfo Riva
   1.Sh3! (2.Sg5+ Sxg5 3.Re5+ Rxe5#)
1…b6 2.c4+ Kxd4 3.e3+ Rxe3#
1…b5 2.c3+ Kd5 3.e4+ Rxe4#
n. 247 - Janos Csak
   1.Bc5! dxc5 2.Ra5 c4 3.Rbb5 c3 4.Rc5 Bc1 5.Sb5 Kb2
6.Sa3 Rb1 7.Sc4+ Ka1 8.Rxa2+ Kxa2 9.Ra5+ Ba3#
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