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1.S:b3 B:b6 2.Sbd4 Ba5#, 1.B:f2 S:d2 2.Bd4 Sb1#

Open of two double closed lines, reciprocal captures,

2 different selfblocks on d4, Zilahi, Meredith.

1.Se7 Q:d6+ 2.K:d6 c4 3.Re5 c5#

1.Qg7 Q:d5+ 2.K:d5 c3 3.Qe5 c4#

1.Se3 Q:d4+ 2.K:d4 Kb4 3.e5 c3#

Three different black pieces blocks on e5,

three different sacrifices of the white Queen

and model mates by the white pawn.

a) 1.Kh8 f8Q#

b) 1.Ka6 b7 2.Ra8 b8Q 3.Bd8 Q:a8#

c) 1.Kh3 g:h4 2.Rg6 h5 3.Kh4 h6 4.Kh5 h7 5.Kh6 h8Q#

d) 1.Be2+ K:e2 2.d3+ c:d3 3.c2 d4 4.Kc3 d:e5 5.Kd4 e6

6.Ke5 e7 7.Ke6 e8Q#

4 white Queen promotions, model mates, white minimal,

play in all directions of the board, interesting twin form

with rotations and +2 moves thematic complex shown here for the first time!


1.Sd8? (2.Re5+ Kf6 3.Re6+ Kf5 4.Rf6+ e:f6#), 1Rf7!

1.h8S! (2.Be4+ K:e6 3.B:c6+ Kf5 4.B:d7+ e6#)

1f2 2.Sed4+ Kf6 2.R:f2+ Rf4 4.Se2+ e5#

1d:e6 2.Re5+ Kf6 3.R:e6+ Kf5 4.Rf6+e:f6#

1c:d5 2.Se3+ K:e6 3.Sc4+ Kf5 4.Sd6+ e:d6#

Creation of four white batteries and Pickaninny mates

a task shown here for the first time!

1.Qg6? (2.Qe4+ R:e4 3.R:d3+ B:d3#), 1Sf4!

1.Ra4! [2.Sb6+ Sb4 3.Se6+ R:e6 4.Ra:b4+ Bc4#]

1Se1 2.Qg4+ Re4 3.Se5+ Bc4 4.Sf3+ S:f3#

1Sc1 2.Be5+ R:e5 3.Sa5+ Bc4 4.Sb3+ S:b3#

1R:d2 2.Se3+ Sb4 3.Se6+ Kc3 4.Sd1+ R:d1#

[1Sf4 2.B:f4 (3.Be5+), 1S:c5 2.Qg4+ ~3.Q:e4+,

1Sb4 2.Sb6+/Ra:b4]

Transformations of black battery in combination with

double opening of black thematic diagonal f1-a6 (probably

shown for the first time), 4 times white battery play, dual


1.Sh7! (2.Bc7+! f4 3.Bf3+ Kf5 4.R:f4+ S:f4

5.Qd7+ Se6 6.Be4+ K:e4 7.Qd5+ c:d5#)

1c:d4 2.Bg3+! f4 3.R:f4+ Ke5 4.R:f7+! Ke4

5.Sf6+ Kf5 6.Sd7+ Ke4 7.Sc5+ R:c5#

1B:c2 2.Bh6+! f4 3.R:f4+ Ke3 4.Rf1+! Ke4

5.Bf3+ Kf5 6.Be2+ Sf4(Ke4) 7.Bd3+ B:d3#

Two times reciprocal transformations of white B-R battery

into R-B and creation of new white batteries after critical moves.

The initial white battery plays one more time in the threat.


a) 1...a1Q! 2.a8B!! Qxa8(wK=rB) 3.rBf4 c1B!

4.bxa8R(bK=rQ)+! rQxa8(wrB=rR)#

b) 1a1R! 2.a8S!! Rxa8(wK=rS) 3.rSb3 c1S!

4.bxa8Q(bK=rR)+! rRxa8(wrS=rQ)#

White and black AUW, total of 6 captures and 8 different pieces playing on a8, corner to corner play, specific KoBul Kings and Madrasi effects, pawns only position.

a) 1.a8R! nBPd1R! 2.Rxd8 (zz) nrPb1R!#

b) 1.a8Q! nBPd1Q! 2.Qxf3 (zz) nrPb1Q!#

c) 1.a8B! nBPb1B! 2.nBxe4 (zz) nrPb1B!#

d) 1.a8S! nBPb1S! 2.nSd2 (zz) nrPb1S!#

Mates after promotions of neutral Royal Pawn into all pieces (AUW),

total of 3(!) different AUWs during the play, Meredith, play without checks.

2x2 thematic connected variations:

- in a) and b) there are annihilations of the black Knight by the white promoted major pieces for paralyzing of the neutral major promoted pieces

- in c) and d) there is Umnov theme on b1 after self-paralyzing of the neutral promoted minor pieces.

a) 1.hnLEb1(wLE)+ Ka8! 2.LEb6+ hnNAg6(bNA)#

(3.NAh4?? hnNA in black phase) (3.LEh7?? closed line)

b) 1.hnVAxe3(wVA) Kb7! 2.VAb6+ hnLEe4(bLE)#

(3.LEh7?? hnLE in black phase) (3.VAh6?? closed line)

c) 1.hnNAxd2(wNA) Ka7! 2.NAb6+ hnVAf8(bVA)#

(3.VAh6?? hnVA in black phase) (3.NAh4?? closed line)

Cyclic change of functions of two groups with three thematic pieces LEb4, NAc4, VAc5 and hnLEh7, hnNah4, hnVah6; creation of direct and indirect white anti-batteries; three different bK moves, chinese third battery play, three different white Pieces playing on b6.


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