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Задача 167: Ivan Skoba - Fairy (Madrasi, Grasshoppers)

skoba(14.04.2013) Дълги маневри завършващи с Хамелеон Ехо матове. Добре дошъл на Ivan Skoba от Чехия!


     a) 1.e5 rGa2 2.e4 rGc2 3.rGd2 rGe2 4.e3 rGe4 5.e2 rGe1

6.rGf2 rGe3 7.e1G rGg1 8.Gg3 rGa1 9.rGh4 rGc1 10.Gd1 rGe1#  

     b) 1.rGe2 rGf2 2.h5 rGd2 3.rGc2 rGb2 4.Gd3 rGd2 5.rGe4 rGd4

6.Gf5 rGf4 7.rGg6 rGf6 8.Gf7 rGh6 9.h4 rGh3 10.rGe8 rGh5#

     Echo (?) mates. (Author)

Madrasi Rex InclusiveMutually attacking black and white units of the same type (including Kings) paralyse each other, so that they may no longer move or give check. The paralysis may be removed, for example by interference (in the case of line pieces), or by capture of either of the paralysed units.

Grasshopper: Hops on Q-lines over any one unit (the hurdle) to the next square beyond. 


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