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a) 1.Ke6 d8Q 2.Qf5 Qe7#

b)=# a) wQ=wP 1.Bd7 e8S 2.Rd6 Sxc7#

c)=# b) wS=wP 1.Kd5 c8B 2.Kc6 Bb7#

d)=# c) wB=wP 1.Sa8 bxa8R 2.Qd5 Ra6#

Nikola gives an alternative method of exhibiting the solution (which will show the Cinderalla effect clearly !)

1. Ke6 d8Q 2.Qf5 Qe7# (wQ=wP) 3.Bd7 e8S 4.Rd6 Sxc7# (wS=wP) 5.Kd5 c8B 6.Kc6 Bb7# (wB=wP) 7.Sa8 bxa8R 8.Qd5 Ra6#

AUW by the same WP, pieces change position only by continuous playing.The twinning just degrades the promoted piece(s) back to a pawn after each mate. The series of promotions present a Chameleon sequence Q-S-B-R (Author)


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