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Задача 595: Toshiji Kawagoe - Fairy (Symmetry Anti Circe)
toshiji.kawagoe(15.06.2015) Това е дебютът на новият японски композитор Toshiji Kawagoe! Винаги съм щастлив когато се появи нов любител на това шахматно изкуство, така че да му пожелаем късмет!
   1.Bh3! (zz)
1...Kxh3(Kh3-a6) 2.Kb6# (2.Qa4? Kb6+!)
1...Kg1 2.Qg2 #
   1.Bf1? (2.Qg2#), 1...Kg1! [2.Qg2+ Kxf1(Kf1-c8)!]
   1.Bf3? (zz) 1...Kh3 2.Qh7# [2.Qh4+? Kxh4(Kh4-a5)!], 1...Kg1!
"My name is Toshiji Kawagoe, a beginner problemist from Japan.
Recently, as I am interested in Circe related problems, I left my comments about a nice problem by Kjell Widlert (No. 578). Then, I found very interesting and instructive article about Symmetry Circe/Anticirce by Sebastien Luce in KoBulchess. In that article, Mr. Luce writes that absolutely nothing has been done in Symmetric Anticirce #n. So, I have tried it.
The resulting position is very simple. The key is square vacation (g2) by wB. Among three possibilities (f1, h1, and h3), only one works (for other two moves, bK just takes wB and escapes away thanks to Symmetry Anticirce condition). What I want to represent here is that bK escapes away by taking wB but is checkmated by wK. I think this is a characteristic combinationthat can be represented with Symmetry Anticirce condition."
You are very welcomed Toshiji! Wish you good luck and keep going to learn and compose! And thanks for choosing KoBulChess for your debute! (Diyan Kostadinov)
Symmetry Anti Circe: the capturing unit goes to a square which is determined symmetrically by the central point of the chessboard allowing rebirths all around the board.

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