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cornel.pacurarpaul.raican(25.12.2015) Proca retractor .
675. Cornel Pacurar (Canada) &
Paul Raican (Romania)
Try: 1.Kf2-e1 Rd7-f7++ 2.Be4xSh1(Bc8, -wSc8)? h2-h1=S+ (2...Sg3-h1? retro-check)3.f4-f5 c2-c1=B+ 4.f7xQg8(Sg8, -wPg8)? &1.f8=R# but 4.f7xQg8(Sg8)? illegal retro-double check.
So, a fore plan is needed:2.Be4xSh1(Bc8, -bBc8)!h2-h1=S+ (2...Sg3-h1? retro-check) 3.f4-f5 c2-c1=B+ 4.Kg1-f2!h3-h2+ 5.Kg2-g1 h4-h3+ 6.Kg3xSg2(Bc8, -wSc8)! h5-h4+ 7.Kh4-g3 Se1(3)-g2+8.f7xQg8(Sg8) & 1.f8=R#
Now 1...QxRf8(Qd1)?? is self-check from wQd1 via bRd7 and 1...Kc7? isself-check from wBe4 via bPc2.
Chameleon Circe Assassin: The captured piece changes first its type after being captured according to Chameleon cycle (Q->S->B->R->Q) and then reborns on its initial square.When the rebirth square is occupied, the occupant is assassinated (replaced) by the captured unit.
(i.e. combination of Chameleon Circe and Circe Assassin).

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