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krassimir.gandev(31.12.2016) 2016! 2 , .
a) 1.G2a1 Rb3+ A 2.Ka2 Sc1# B
b) 1.DAa4 Sc5 C 2.DAa2Rb3# D
c) 1.Qf6 Sc52.Qb2 Ra4#
d) 1.Rb6Rb12.Rb3 Ra1#
e) 1.Bc4Se1 2.Ba2 Sc2#
f) 1.Sc5 Sc1 B 2.Sa4 Rb3# A
g) 1.Pa5 Rb3+ D 2.Ka4 Sc5# C
Krassimir Gandev adds two new twins in the pioneer problem by Henry Forsberg, 1st Prize, Memorial W. Puly, Revista Romana de Sah, 1934-1935. So probably we can call this realisation Super Forsberg twins. There is also a cycle AB-BA and CD-DC. (Diyan Kostadinov)
Grasshopper-2:As a G rasshopper, but hopping 2 squares past the hurdle.
Dabbaba: 0,2/2,0 leaper

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