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jose.a.garzon(02.12.2017) Jose A. Garzon, "Soliloquy". 416 :here.
858. Jose A. Garzon (Spain)
#3 (8+8)
1.Sd4! [2.Bb3+ Kxd4 3.Re4#]
1...bxc2+ 2.Se2+ Sd3 3.Sf4# (Knight's soliloquy)
1...Kxd4 2.Re4+ Kd5 3.Bb3#
1...Rh4 2.Bb3+ Kxd4 3.Bxf2#
1.Sa1? Sa5? Rh4 !

Soliloquy Theme (The Spanish composer Miguel Uris proposes to be called Garz?n Theme) was presented and explained and detailed with several examples in October, 2016. (in SEPA) and in Problemas No.17

Soliloquy Theme (#3) - Stipulations (summary):

  1. All three white plays are executed by the same piece (King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight or Pawn).
  2. The key enables a check for black, which did not exist in the initial position. The main line of the composition is built on the sequence arising from this check.
  3. The white piece that executes the soliloquy, which is the one that gives or causes the mate, cannot capture any pieces throughout the solution. (Author's note)


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