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grigory.atajantsevgeny.fomichevalexandr.sygurov(28.12.2018) .
957. Grigory Atayants &
Evgeniy Fomichev &
Alexandr Sygurov
#3 (12+9)

Main plan is 1.g8Q 2.Qh8(g7)#, but 1Rxd6!
Therefore 6th line must be interfered.
Lets try 1.Rf1?! 2.Rxe7+, 1e6 2.g8Q! At moment Black has Dresden defense 1Rc8!!
So White will to prepare a reply for this.
1.0-0!! 2.Rxe7+ Kf8 3.g8S#
1e6. 6th line is closed and main plan is sound 2.g8Q! Ra8 3.Qg7#
Now for Dresden defense 1Rc8 White already has 2.Sf4!! 3.Sg6#, 2gf4 3.Re1#
Also 1g4 2.d4+! cd3 en passant 3.Bf4#
1Ra8 2.Bb2+ c3 3.Bxc3#
Logical Valladao with white play to same fields g8, f4.
Play on same square: 3.g8S/2.g8Q & 3.Bf4/2.Sf4

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