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Задача 1015: Aleksey Oganesjan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesjan(30.12.2019) Нестандартен логически обратен мат от Алексей Оганесян.
1015. Aleksey Oganesjan (Russia)
S#6 vvv                             (14+4)
Main plan: 1.Qe4+? d5 (Bxe4#??)
1.Sd4+? cxd4 2.c4 Kc5! (d3?)
1.Sb4+? cxb4 2.c4 bxa3! (b3?) 3.c5 - pat
1.Se1? c4 2.Sd3 cxd3 3.c4 d2 4.c5 d1Q/R! (d1B/S?)
1.Sa1!! c4 2.Sb3 cxb3 3.c4 bxa2/b2 4.c5 a1~/b1~ 5.Qe4+! d5 6.cxd6+ e.p. Bxe4#
In additional try there is this time not indirect but direct unpinning of Black Bishop with sacrifices of two another White pieces:
1.Qe2? zz d5 2.Bxd5+! Kxd5 3.Rh5+! Bxh5 (Bf5) 4.c4+ Kc6 5.Qf3+ (Qe4+) BxQ#, but 1...d6! 2.Bc4 Be8! (2…d5? 3.Bxd5+ and etc, s#6) - the Black Bishop, “driven” into zugzwang, still managed to find safety shelter on e8-h5 diagonal!

The main idea of this unusual problem is following. At the beginning, the main plan is unlucky in view of two obstacles (a pin of Bishop and 1…d5). In the foreplan (movement of Pc3 to c5), White does not eliminate either of these two obstacles (!!) - and nevertheless after that White starts to execute the main plan! But after its former “refutation” (d7-d5) it turns out that now a moved on c5 White Pawn eliminates both of these obstacles at once via en-passant capture! Namely, it captures a Black Pawn and indirectly unpins a Black Bishop, so thereby the main plan succeeds!
The content is supplemented by three thematic tries with a choice of Knight sacrifice on 4 different squares. Herewith all three tries are refuted completely different: by flight of bK, by pat and by play of promoted piece to defense from check Qe4+.

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