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1034. Michal Dragoun (Czech Republic)
H#2 4 sol. (10+12)
I. 1.Kxd4 Qa7 2.Kc5 b7#
II. 1.Kf4 Qxc3 2.Ke5 Se2#
III. 1.Sf4 Qc5 2.Re2 Sc2#
IV. 1.Qxf5 Qe5 2.Qf2 Bf5#
Fourfold creation and mates by white batteries, combined with four
different arrival effects in single mating moves: b7 has no arrival effect (hideaway), Se2 guards
square, Sc2 checks (add necessary second check) and Bf5 interferes black line.
Solutions are divided in two similar pairs: in I. and II. play of black king with the same use of a wQ for
unguard of king's square in W1, determining the white moves order, in III. and IV. selfblocks
and play of wQ to the same squares, where arrived bK in I. and II. (Composer)

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