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KoBulChess - 2012 ( 1)

2012: #2 -GM Milan Velimirovic IJ, #3 - FM Evgeny Fomichev IJ,

S# - GM Petko Petkov IJ, H# - IM Zoran Gavrilovski IJ,

- IM Manfred Rittirsch IJ

: Diyan Kostadinov IJ (email: Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове. s e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it // This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to vie)


25) 1...Ka2 2.Ra3# 1.Qa7? Ra7!, 1.Qf8? Re7!, 1.Qd8? Rd7!, 1.Qg8? Rf7!

1.Q:h2! (2.Bd5,Be4,Bf3,Bh3#) 1...Rd7/ Re7/ Rf7/ Rh7 2Bd5/ Be4/ Bf3/ Bh3#

Duel Q/R, duel R/B, battery mates, Fleck thema (Author) Meredith with duels in the tries and solution variations (Diyan Kostadinov)

26) 1B:b5 x 2.Qb3# A (2.Qc4? C K:c4!; 2.Q:e4? B K:e4!), 1Bc4 2.Qd6#, 1Se5 2.Se7#


1B:b5 x 2.Q:e4# B (2.Qb3? A Bc4!, 2.Qc4? C K:c4,B:c4!), but 1Se5!

1.Bg7?(2.Se7#), 1Bc5 2.S:f4#, but 1Sf6!

1.Bd6?(2.Se7#) 1R:h7!


1B:b5 x 2.Qc4# C (2.Qb3? A Kc5!, 2.Q:e4? B Kc5!), 1Se5 2.Se7#, 1e5 2.g8Q#

Very interesting change of mates after 1B:b5 with cyclic dual avoidance (Diyan Kostadinov)


27) 1.Sd4? (2.B:c2#), 1c:d4!, 1.R:c5? (2.Bc2#), 1d:c5!

1.Rh5! (2.R:h7 ~ 3.Rh1#)

1R:h5 2.Sd4 (3.Bc2#) 2c:d4 3.Q:h5#, 1Rd8 2.R:c5 (3.Bc2#) 2d:c5 3.Q:d8#

(1Rh5 2.R:h5, 1Rh8 2.R:h8/g:h8)

Good logical style threemover by Nikolay Dimitrov (Diyan Kostadinov)


28) a) 1.e1R h8S 2.Re3 Sg6# b) 1.e1B h8Q 2.Bg3 Qh6#

Allumwandlung, Model mates, capture free (Author) AUW, selfblocks and model mates (Diyan Kostadinov)

29) 1.Re5 Sb2 2.Be4 Se2#, 1.Bd3 f4 2.Re4 Sf5#

Grimshaw on e4 (Author) Grimshaw after critical moves, selfblocks. I hope the problem is not direct anticipated (Diyan Kostadinov)

30) 1.Kf5 Bd2 2.Rf6 Ra5#, 1.Kf6 R:e4 2.Bf5 Bc3#

Very rich thematic complex open of lines by bK after moves on thematic pin lines, selfblocks and line closing by thematic black B/R, change of functions excellent helpmate! (Diyan Kostadinov)


31) a) 1.Kg5 Kd6 2.Kf5 Sf1 3.Ke4 Sfg3#, b) 1.Kf5 Kb4 2.Ke5 Sc3 3.Kd4 S:f3#

Miniature, exchange functions of white Ss, Ideal mates (Author) Clear realisation of the authots idea Miniature and Ideal mates (Diyan Kostadinov)

32) a) 1.Bg8 Sf3 2.Kh7 S:g5+ 3.Kh6 Kh4 4.Bh7 Sf7#

b) 1.g4 Kh4 2.g5+ Kh5 3.g6+ Kh6 4.Bg8 Be5#

Forsberg twins, white minimal, black selfblocks (Diyan Kostadinov)

33) 1.Rh1! B7 2.R1 Bb8 3.R8 B7 4.Rh8 Bb8 5.R:h4 B7 6.S:7 b5 7.S:b5 R:h4#

Four corners play by wR (Diyan Kostadinov)


34) 1.Bb5+ Ke1 2.Qe3+ Kd1 3.Be2+ Ke1 4.Qc3+ Kf2 5.Bb5+ Kg1 6.Q:g3+ Kh1 7.Qf3+ Kg1 8.Se2+ Kh2 9.Sd4+ Kg1 10.Rb1+ Kh2 11.Qf2+ Kh3 12.Rb3+ Kg4 13.Qf5+ Kh4 14.Qf4+ Kh5 15.Be8+ Rf7+ 16.Kg8 Kg6 17.Kh8 Kh5 18.Rb5+ Kg6 19.Qe5 Kh6 20.Qd6+ Rf6 21.Qf8+ R:f8#

Creation of two white batteries, switchback of wB. The problem is not fully computer tested, so it is good challenge for the solvers (Diyan Kostadinov)

, : Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.


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