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logo , , 2012. Zoran Gavrilovski () Viktoras Paliulionis ()! 2.

KoBulChess - 2012 ( 1)

2012: #2 - GM Milan Velimirovic IJ, #3 - FM Evgeny Fomichev IJ,

S# - GM Petko Petkov IJ, H# - IM Zoran Gavrilovski IJ,

- IM Manfred Rittirsch IJ

: Diyan Kostadinov IJ(email: Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове. )


42) 1.a8Q? (2.Qf4# X)

1S:h2 a 2.Sf2# A, 1Qb7 b 2.Sc5# B, 1c6!

1.Rh4? (2.Sf2# A)

1Sf4 2.Q:f4# X, 1Qc5 e 2.S:c5# B, 1Qd4 c 2.S:d2# C,1Qb6!

1.c3!? (2.S:d2# C)

1Sge3 f 2.Sf2# A, 1Q:b2 g 2.Sc5# B, 1K:d3 d 2.Qe2# D, 1Q:c3!

1.Be3!! (2.Sg5#)

1K:e3 h 2.Qe2# D, 1Q:e7 i 2.S:d2# C, 1Sg:e3 f 2.Sf2# A

4 transferred mates (A,B,C,D) on total of 9 defences (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i), 3 threats (X,A,C) recur as variation mates in another phase, 2x2 thematic connected phases, doubled pseudo le Grand (XA/AX, AC/CA), nice key (Author)

43) 1.Qa3!! [2.Ba8-h1 (3.Qc5#) K:d4 3.Qc3#, 2.B:e6/a2 ~ 3.Qe3#]

1K:d5 2.Kd3 e5 3.Sf6#, 2Ke5 3.Qc5#

1e:d5 2.Kc3 Ke4 3.Qe7#

Two defences on the same square followed by different quiet wK continuations, good key, miniature (Diyan Kostadinov)

44) 1.Kb2 Kd2 2.Re6 Sc4#, 1.Kd4 c4 2.Sg6 Sf5#

Combination of prolonged complete black half-pin with black interference (Author) Very nice pin mates with bK play on the thematic half-pin line (Diyan Kostadinov)


45) b) 1...Kb2 2.Bb5 Kc3 3.a4 Kd4 4.Ka5 Kc5 5.Ba6 b4#

w) 1...Kb5 2.Kb2 Kb4 3.Ka2 Kc3 4.b4 Bb3+ 5.Ka3 a:b4#

Black come-and-go, tempo-manoeuvre of white King in the form of triangle, mates from the same square (Author) Interesting play in duplex and miniature form (Diyan Kostadinov)

46) 1.Rdh7! (2.Sd7+ Kg6 3.B:e4+ Q:e4#)

1...f3 2.Rh6+ Kg5 3.Be3+ B:e3#, 1...g2 2.B:h4+ R:h4 3.Qb6+ B:b6#

Bi-valve defences close black queens lines and open white bishops lines (Author) Yet another nice selfmate by Zoran (Diyan Kostadinov)

47) 1.Rf6+ Kg5 2.Sf3+ Kg4 3.Sg1+ Kg5 4.Rg3+ Kh4 5.Rg4+ Kh5 6.Te4+! Kg5 7.Sf3+ Kh5 8.Se1+ Kg5 9.Re5+ Kh4 10.Th6+ Kg3 11.Re3+ Kf4 12.Sg2+ Kf5 13.Bd3+ c:d3 14.Tf3+ Kg4 15.Tf4+ Kg3 16.Q:d3+ K:g2 17.Qh3+ Kg1 18.Qg3+ Kf1 19.Rh1+ Ke2 20.Re4+ Kd2 21.Qc3+ Bc3#

6.Tgf4+? Kg5 7.Sf3+ Kh5 8.Se1+ Kg5 9.R4f5+ Kh4 10.Rh6+ Kg3 11.Rf3+ Kg4 12.Rf7+ Kg3 13.Rg7+ Kf4 14.Sg2+ Kf5 15.Se3+ Kf4 16.Sd5+ Kf5 17.Bd3+ c:d3 18.Rh5+ Ke6 19.Sc7+ B:c7 20.Rh6+ Kf5 21.Q:d3+ Kf4 22.Bg5+ Kg4 23.Bf6+ Kf4 24.Be5+ B:e5# too long (Author)

Long maneuvers with white multi battery creation, model mate, white aristocrat (Diyan Kostadinov)

, : Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.






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