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Оригинални задачи Октомври - Ноември 2012 (Част 2)

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KoBulChess Оригинали: Октомври - Ноември 2012 (Част 2)

Съдии за 2012: #2 - GM Milan Velimirovic IJ, #3 - FM Evgeny Fomichev IJ,

S# - GM Petko Petkov IJ, H# - IM Zoran Gavrilovski IJ,

Fairies - IM Manfred Rittirsch IJ

Editor: Diyan Kostadinov IJ (email:  Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.  )


79) After D. Kostadinov (1187 Ural Problemist no.69,2012, see pr.A in the Appendix)

1.e1B(wB) B:g3 2.Kf1 Kf2#, 1.h3(wP) K:g3 2.e1S(wS) Kg2#

The author found a different way to present a similar idea and scheme, but using an another fairy condition – Brunner chess instead of KoBul Kings. Good Brunner mates. (Diyan Kostadinov)




80) a) 1.Kc6 Bc7 2.K:c7(Ba5)! K:b7(Rb4)#! (3.R~??, 3.K~??)

     b) 1.Re7 Kc2 2.K:c4(Re4)! K:c3(Be5)#! (3.B~??, 3.K~??)

Specific Madrasi and Anti Take & Make play, exchange of functions, miniature, white aristocrat.(Authors)


81) 1.Q:h8(Ra1)+ Ke4 2.Ke2 Rg2#, 1.Q:g8(Rh1) R:f1 2.Bg6 Rh2#

Closing of black lines, miniature (Diyan Kostadinov)


82) 1.Ka8 2.B:f2=P 3.f3 4.f:g4 5.g5 6.g6 7.g7 8.g8Q 9.Q:d5 10.Q:d2=P 11.d3 12.d:e4 13.e5 14.e6 15.e7 16.e8B 17.B:c6 18.B:g2=P 19.g3 20.g:h4 21.h5 22.h6 23.h7 25.h8R 25.R:h3 26.R:h2=P 27.h4 28.h5 29.h6 30.h7 31.h8S 32.Sg6 33.S:f4 34.S:e2=P 35.e4 36.e5 37.e6 38.e7 39.e8Q=

Five demotions showing Anti-AUW theme and five excelsiors showing AUW theme in the same phase. Pin Ideal stalemate (Author) Multi Excelsiors by the single wP, AUW and five demotions – very good thematic complex. In my opinion it’s better if the solution start from the 2nd move to be avoided the checking initial position, but probably the author looks for some task for longer play (Diyan Kostadinov)




83) a) 1…nPd4 2.nSc3=nB nB:d4=nR(+nPd2) 3.nRh4=nQ nPd1=nR

4.nRg1=nQ(+bKh2)+ K:g1(+nQd1)(+wKe1) # [wK:d1(+Qd8)?? self-check]

     b) 1…nSc4=nB 2.nB:d5=nR(+nPd7) nRa5=nQ 3.nPd8=nB nBb6=nR

4.nRb1=nQ(+bKa2)+ nQb2=nS(+wKa4) # [wK:a5(+Qd8)?? self-check]

Specific fairy play and specific fairy final positions in perfect light initial position – a typical excellent composition for this author (Diyan Kostadinov)


84) 1.Gc5 nG:c3 2.SI:c3-b3 nLO:e4-e3+ 3.Kc3 d:c5#

     1.Zf5 nG:e3 2.SI:e3-f3 nLO:d4-c3+ 3.Ke3 e:f5#

Difficult play and very rich thematic complex - creation of nP/nLO batteries, pin mates, Umnov, change of functions, Zilahi, Kniest and a perfect harmony (Diyan Kostadinov)




36.1) a) 1…d1R 2.g8B Rd7 3.Bf7+ R:f7(wK=rB)#

         b) 1…d1Q 2.g8S Qa1 3.Sf6+ Q:f6(wK=rS)#

Mixed AUW, Meredith, white minimal. In this improved version of problem n.36 the bR has an active role in both mate positions. (Authors)


A) 1.d1B(wB) Bf2(bB) 2.Kf1 K:f2(bK=rB)#

     1.d1S(wS) Sg2(bS) 2.Kh1 K:g2(bK=rS)#


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