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Problem 130: Alain Bienabe - Fairy (neutral pieces)

bienabe(25.02.2013) Fairy problem with neutral pieces. Welcome to Alain Bienabe from France!

Solving contest "Alexander Hadjipetrov" 2013

ax20133(24.02.2013) The chess problem solving contest was carried out during the memorial chess tournament “Alexander Hadjipetrov” between 22th and 24th February 2013.

Problem 129: Francesco Simoni - Helpmate

f simoni(23.02.2013) Interesting helpmate with Set play and white/ black pins by Francesco Simoni from Italy.

Problem 128: Michael Grushko - Fairy (Take & Make, Couscous Circe)

grushko.jpg(21.02.2013) New fairy original by Michael Grushko from Israel. This time miniature with Take & Make and Couscous Circe.

Alaikov - 80 MT 2013 (Section A - Selfmates) AWARD

alaikov(20.02.2013) Here is the Award of Venelin Alaikov - 80 MT 2013 Section A (Selfmates).

Alaikov - 80 MT 2013 (Section B - Fairies) AWARD

alaikov(18.02.2013) Today is 80th Birthday of the bulgarian IGM Venelin Alaikov! In 2012 was announced a memorial tourney to commemorate this anniversary. The tourney was in two sections - Selfmates and Fairies. Total of 41 compositions took a part in both sections and the level is high. Here you can see the Award of Section B (Fairies).

Problem 127: Velko Alexandrov - Selfmate

velko(16.02.2013) Another original by Velko Alexandrov from Bulgaria. This time he present interesting selfmate in three moves.

Problem 126: Janos Csak - Helpmate

csak(15.02.2013) An excellent helpmate with rich thematic complex - white batteries play, change of functions, unpins, closing of lines and ODT, presented by Janos Csak (Hungary).

Happy Valentine's Day!

valday(14.02.2013) Saint Valentine's Day, better known as simply Valentine's Day, is the annual commemoration of love celebrated on February 14. Here you can see one special twomover and some of the best Valentine's Day Quotes.

Problem 125: Velko Alexandrov - Helpmate

velko(12.02.2013) I am happy to say "welcome" to the bulgarian composer Velko Alexandrov! In his helpmate n.125 he demonstrate interesting switchbacks and line opening with annihilations.

Mario Garcia - 65 JT 2013

uapa(10.02.2013) The Union Problemistas’s Argentina of Chess announces a composing tournament to commemorate 65th Mario Guido Garcia’s Birthday.

Problem 124: Valerio Agostini - Helpmate

agostini(07.02.2013) Helpmate with orthogonal - diagonal pins by Valerio Agostini (Italy).

Problem 123: Paul Raican - Fairy (AntiAndernach, Maximummer)

raican(06.02.2013) Problem 123 is twin form combination of Anti-Andernach and Maximummer from Paul Raican (Romania).

Problem 122: Zivko Janevski - Selfmate

janevski(05.02.2012) Another original from Zivko Janevski - this time S#3 with Umnov effects.

Problem 121: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate

janevski(02.02.2013) Helpmate with combination of anticipatory self-pin and unpins by Zivko Janevski from Macedonia.

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