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Variantim 2013

chess12(01.02.2013) Here is information about the Informal Tourneys of Variantim (the Bulletin of the Israel Chess Composition Society) for 2013.

Meeting in Stara Zagora

ip4(01.02.2013) Two days ago during my business trip to the town of Stara Zagora I finally found time to met Ivan Paskalev. I was pleased to visit him in his home. Here are some photos.

Problem 120: Anatoly Stepochkin - Fairy (Maximummer, KoKo)

anatoly stepochkin(29.01.2013) This is the first published original in the website with the fairy conditions Maximummer and KoKo. The author is Anatoly Stepochkin from Russia.

Fairings N30: February 2013

feather(28.01.2013) Here is a new issue of Fairings (N30 - February 2013) by Chris Feather.

Problem 119: Michael Grushko - Fairy (Andernach, Republicans, Circe Turncoats, Einstein)

grushko.jpg(27.01.2013) A super problem with complicated combination of four fairy conditions by Michael Grushko (Israel)!

Problem 118: Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Take & Make)

tritten(26.01.2013) A new excellent "Take & Make" problem by Pierre Tritten (France)!

Problem 117: Zivko Janevski - Twomover

janevski(25.01.2013) Here is the first original twomover for the year - problem with rich thematic complex and excellent key by Zivko Janevski from Macedonia.

Problem 116: Anatoli Stepochkin - Fairy (Lion, Grasshopper)

anatoly stepochkin(24.01.2013) Two model mates by the white Lion after two castlings and blocks of black Grasshoppers are presented in this new problem by Anatoly Stepochkin.

Alex Ettinger 90 MT 2013

chessfairy(23.01.2013) The Israel Chess Composition Society is announcing a composition tourney to commemorate the 90's birthday of Alex Ettinger (1923-2005). Alex, born in Frankfurt, Germany, immigrated to Israel in 1933 and was a dedicated member of Israel Chess Composition Society.

Problem 115: Zivko Janevski - Selfmate

janevski(22.01.2013) Problem N115 is a very interesting selfmate by the famous Macedonian grandmaster Zivko Janevski.

Venelin Alaikov 80 MT 2013 - Participants

alaikov(21.01.2013) The tourney is closed. Total of 41 problems are received – I thank very much all participants! Please check your name in the list below. The Award will be published here on 18.02.2013 (the 80th Birthday of Venelin Alaikov).

Problem 114: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover

makaronez(20.01.2013) Here is the first published original for section threemovers for 2013. Welcome to Leonid Makaronez from Israel!

Problem 113: Michael Grushko - Fairy (Couscous Circe, Take & Make)

grushko.jpg(20.01.2013) Another complicated problem with combination of fairy conditions and multi promotions by Michael Grushko from Israel!

Problem 112: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (Kangaroo, Lion, Grasshopper)

vaclav(19.01.2013) A new fantastic fairy problem with echo mates by Vaclav Kotesovec from Czech Republic!

Problem 111: S.K.Balasubramanian - Fairy (Take & Make, KoBul Kings)

balasubramanian(18.01.2013) Problem 111 is an excellent combination of Take & Make and KoBul Kings fairy conditions by S.K.Balasubramanian from India.

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