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Problem 110: Anatoly Stepochkin - Helpmate

anatoly stepochkin(17.01.2013) See an interesting Helpmate with creation of white batteries and Zlahi. Welcome to Anatoly Stepochkin from Russia (on the photo)!

Problem 109: Francesco Simoni - Fairy (Hoppers)

f simoni(17.01.2013) Another fairy problem - H#3 with Hoppers. Welcome to Francesco Simoni from Italy (on the photo)!

Problem 108: Valerio Agostini - Fairy (P W Circe)

agostini(17.01.2013) The first original problem for 2013 is here! H#2 with the fairy condition PWC by Valerio Agostini from Italy (on the photo).

KoBulChess Originals: December 2012 (Part 2)

jud2012These are the last originals for sections Selfmates and Fairies for KoBulChess Informal Tourneys 2012. Welcome to Pietro L. Placanico from Italy!

KoBulChess Originals: December 2012 (Part 1)

logo  Here are the December 2012 originals - the last twomovers, threemovers and helpmates for the Informal tourney 2012. So many new composers - warm welcome to the well known composers Christer Jonsson, Janos Csak, Jozsef Pasztor, Rolf Wiehagen, Menachem Witztum, Stefano Mariani and Gabriele Brunori!

Chameleon-50JT 2012 AWARD

petko petkov   Here is the Award of Chameleon-50JT 2012. The judge of the tourney is IGM Petko Petkov. His article published in Feenschach in 1962 is with a significant role for the definition and development of this fairy piece - the Chameleon!

Originals October - November 2012 (Part 2)

logoHere are the Fairy originals for October - November 2012. Enjoy!

Fairings n.29 (January 2013)

feather"Here, a little early, is the first 2013 issue of Fairings (29). I hope that you find something of interest in it." Chris Feather

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear chess friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013! Here you can see my "Christmas tree" twomover which is dedication to all of you! 

KoBulChess Informal Tourneys 2013

logo  The website for chess composition KoBulChess announces its Informal tourneys for 2013 in the following sections: twomovers, threemovers, helpmates, selfmates and fairy problems. 

Christmas puzzle by Juraj Lorinc

chrThis Christmas puzzle is specially composed by Juraj Lorinc with seasonal greetings!

Juraj Lorinc - 40 JT 2013

juraj  This is the announcement of Juraj Lorinc - 40 JT 2013. The formal anonymous tourney is announced in two sections.

Originals October - November 2012 (Part 1) Updated

logoHere are the Originals October-November 2012 for sections #2, #3, H# and S#.

Christmas Blitz Tourney - JF 2012

bliz   This is the announcement of the Christmas Blitz Tourney - JF 2012. The idea for such a tourney is great, so I hope it will be successful. 

WCCC Kobe 2012 - video lecture by Paz Einat

pazlecture2This is part of the lecture "The domino effect in twomovers" by Paz Einat during the WCCC Kobe 2012.

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