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Olympic Chess Composing Tourney 2012
   fideThe International Chess Federation (FIDE) within the framework of its "Chess Composition" special project and in co-operation with the Turkish Chess Federation announce an Olympic chess composing tourney in 8 sections, dedicated to the World Chess Olympiad 2012 in Istanbul.
Nikolay Beluhov - selected compositions

N.BeluhovThis is selection of compositions by the young bulgarian retro-problems rising star Nikolay Beluhov.

The winners of Wola Gulowska 2011

wg   Here are the winners in each sections of Wola Gulowska 2011 (#2, #3, S#2, S#3-4, H#2) with information about the competition and photos.

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Black battery transformations after Bivalve underpromotions


     This is the second in a series of my short articles published in "Strate Gems" in 2006. The theme is "Black battery transformations after Bivalve underpromtions in Selfmates". 

Pongracz - 200 MT 2010


pongranc  Arnold Pongracz 200 MT - 2010

Emmanuel Manolas 60 JT 2010


  Emmanuel Manolas 60 JT - 2010


Velko Alexandrov (Bulgaria) - selected compositions

Velko Aleksandrov

Velko Alexandrov (Bulgaria) - selected compositions

Helpmates with multi Excelsiors and Q-promotions in white minimal form

CB Crete     This is the first part of my short article series published in "Strate Gems" in 2006. In this part the focus is on "Helpmates with multi Excelsiors and Queen promotios in white minimal form".

Scacchographical twomovers

chess2Here is the collection of some selected Kostadinov's  scacchographical (descriptive) twomovers


Fairings №19


Fairings №19 (October 2011) by Chris Feather

Fairings №18



Fairings №18 (September 2011) by Chris Feather

New version of WinChloe (3.08)

winchloeThe French program for computer analysis of chess problems and studies WinChloe has a new version (3.08). There are a number of new supplements in it – fairy conditions, descriptions, definitions and etc. This is the first program in which the KoBul King is included. This new fairy condition was presented for the first time on the WCCC in 2010.

New success for the World Cup 2011

P1110623The final results for the World cup of chess composition 2011 have come out. The performance of Diyan Kostadinov in Selfmates has been very successful and he has taken the prestigious 2nd place and also the 4th place in the Fairy section. We should point out the fact that Petko Petkov was invited to be the director of the tournament for a second year in succession and Krassimir Gandev was the arbiter of the Fairy problems.

Petko Petkov - world champion again!

pp(31.07.2011) The results of the World Championship in Composing for Individuals for the period 2007-2009 have come out. The most titled Bulgarian chess composer gm Petko Petkov, has proved again his high standing and won the World title in the part “Fairy problems”! It is the fourth cup of this kind won by grandmaster Petkov and he is the leader in the World ranking on points from the FIDE albums.

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