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Symbolic (letter) problems

s1In the last issue of The Macedonan Problemist we can find three nice symbolic (letter) problems dedicated to the jubilees of Petko Petkov (70) and Aleksandar Popovski (80). Here you can see and enjoy with them.




1) 1.Kc5 Qe3+ 2.Kd6 Qb6 3.Qg6+ R:g6=

The pattern of pieces changes from 80 (the age of Aleksandar Popovski) in the diagram to AP (his initials) in the final stalemate position. The doyen of Macedonian problem chess (composer, editor and publisher) and prominent novelist and poet celebrated his 80th birthday on 28 April 2012.




 2)  1...Rc~ 2.S(:)d6# 1...Bd8~ 2.S(:)e7# B

        1.B:f6! (2.Rg5#), 1...R:f6 2.Sd6# A, 1...B:f6 2.Se7# B, 1...Q:f6 2.g7# 

 This problem, in which the placement of the pieces on the chessboard symbolyses the initials of Petko Petkov and his jubilee (PP 70), shows triple sacrifice, three self-pins and three pin mates, of which two are transferred from the set to actual play.

3) 1.Qe1? 1...c:b3 2.S:c5 b2#, 1...c3!

    1.Qd2? 1...c3 2.Qb2+ c:b2#, 1...c:b3!

    1.Qc3! (zz) 1...c:b3 2.Qc4 b2#

   A letter problem with Petko Petkov's initial, dedicated to his 70th anniversary with two tries by the white Queen and change of white continuation.

   The next double problem was participated in Petko Petkov-70 JT 2012 organized by Strate Gems.


4)  PET:  1Se~ 2.Sf4+ exf4 3.Be4+ Qxe4#, 1Sf5!? 2.Se7+ Sxe7 3.Be4+ Qxe4# 

     1.Sd8! (2.Qc6+ Bxc6 3.Rb5+ Bxb5#)

1Bc6 2.Qxd4+ exd4 3.Rb5+ Bxb5#, 1Sc4 2.Sf4+ exf4 3.Be4+ Qxe4#

     KOV: 1.b7? (zz) c6 2.Qb5+ cxb5#, 1c2!; 1.Rc2! (zz), 1cxb6 2.Qc7 b5#, 1c6 2.Qb5+ cxb5# 


   We finish with six twomovers by Diyan Kostadinov dedicated to Petko ("" in bulgarian) Petkov 70 - 2012 which was published in KoBulChess.com early this year.






+2 #1 seetharaman 2012-07-23 12:06
No.1: The composer shows great skill in arranging starting and final positions, both in nice pattern. Excellent !
+2 #2 dkostadinov 2012-07-23 20:02
I also like problems with symbolic initial and final positions. They are very attractive.

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