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Bulgarian composers
Angel Zlatanov
angelzlatanovAngel Zlatanov is one of the most famous Bulgarian composers of the recent past. You can see his biography and selected compositions here.
FM Vladimir Zabunov
zabunovHere are the biography and selected compositions (twomover, threemovers, selfmates, helpmate and fairy) of the famous bulgarian chess composer from the recent past FM Vladimir Zabunov (1928-1997).
Nikolay Dimitrov
nikolaydimitrov   Nikolay Dimitrov is a famous Bulgarian chess composer. He was born on 19th October 1929 in Dryanovo and since 1933 he has been living in Varna. Nikolay Dimitrov began playing chess at the age of 14. He became a junior champion of Varna in 1945 and 1946, and in 1948 he became a student champion of the city.  
IM Krassimir Gandev

gandev    Krassimir Gandev is one of the best and high class Bulgarian chess composers. His father taught him how to play chess when he was only three and a half and later when he was 15 he taught him bridge where he reached a very high sports level.

Ivan Paskalev
   paskalevIvan Paskalev was born on 21.11.1956 in the town of Chirpan, Bulgaria. Since 1963 lives and works in Stara Zagora. He graduated the Russian Language School "Maxim Gorky" in 1975.
Velko Alexandrov

Velko Aleksandrov

Velko Alexandrov was born on 01.01.1973 in the town of Ruse. He is married and has one child. He graduated the University of Ruse in 1996. In the same year published his first chess problem in "Shahmatna misal" magazine.
Lachezar Stanchev
Lachezar      Lachezar Stanchev was born on 23rd April 1947 in the village of Gigen (Pleven region). He graduated the Marine school in 1971 and he has been living in Burgas since then.
FM Nikolay Beluhov
N.BeluhovNikolay Beluhov was born on 19th January1990 in the town of Stara Zagora. He graduated the High School of Mathematics “Geo Milev” in his native town and at the moment he is a student in “Computer science” at Sofia University.
GM Petko Petkov
ppGM Petko Petkov was born on 27th February 1942 in the town of Dobrich. He is the best Bulgarian chess composer. He is the leader in the world rank list with 477.75 points in the FIDE Albums (with huge distance ahead of the second).
GM Venelin Alaikov
alaikovVenelin Alaikov was born on 18th February 1933 in the town of Shumen. He is one of the best Bulgarian chess composers of all times. He has been a grandmaster since 1993 and international judge since 1977.
IM Diyan Kostadinov
    diyanDiyan Kostadinov was born on 21st January 1982 in Burgas, Bulgaria. He has been playing chess since 1997 and later he becomes a student vice-champion of the town. Diyan began composing in 2000 and his first published problem won 2nd Prize in the threemover section of the Bulgarian chess magazine “Shahmatna misal”



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