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ch1Everybody knows that the composing tourneys during the WCCC are with very short composing period and sometime this is not enough for the authors to finding the best realisations. In this article we can see two very good improved versions of two nice compositions from WCCC Kobe 2012 (thank you for sharing with us mr. ellighoven).


The theme of the tourney was: H#2.5 In two solutions (or twins) white's first and second moves are exchanged. The mate is different.  

Let we start with both original versions:



1) 1...Se2 2.Bg1 Se3 3.B:e4 d4#, 1...Se3 2.Bd1 Se2 3.Rf5 S:g4#

2) 1...Se5 2.Sd7 Seg6 3.Bd4 c4#, 1...Sg6 2.Be7 Se5 3.Sd5 c3#


Now it's time for the improved versions:



3) 1...Bc4 2.Ba7 Bc5 3.Se4 d4#, 1...Bc5 2.Ba2 Bc4 3.Sf5 Sf7#

4) 1...Se5 2.Sd7 2.Sg6 3.Bd4 c4#, 1...Sg6 2.Be7 Se5 3.Sd5 c3#

Both improved versions are Meredith now! But the most important in n.3 is the improvement of the harmony between the solutions (instead of different motivated B3 in n.1). Well done and congratulations to the authors!


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