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More improvements!

sn1I am glad to present you two new improved versions of awarded problems from WCCC Kobe 2012 together with some more photos! Thank you for sharing with us Menachem!







a) 1...Sf3 A 2.Sg1 Be4 B 3.Sfe2 Sd2#  / a) 1...Sc6 A 2.Sb8 Bd5 B 3.Scd7 Sa7#

b) 1...Be4 B 2.Sd5 Sf3 A 3.Sef4 Bf5#  / b) 1...Bd5 B 2.Se4 Sc6 A 3.Sdc5 Bc4#

I was on some meetings between Menachem and Ricardo in the hotel's lobby during the composing proces of this beautiful and difficult helpmate. I watched the fire in the Menachem's eyes and the deep analyses by Ricardo. I am really happy for them that they finally find a way to avoid the promoted bR in this very good version!



a) 1.e5 (e6?) Sd7+ 2.f6 S:e5#   / a) 1.f5 Sc7+ 2.e6 Bd5#

b) 1.f5 (f6?) Sf4+ 2.e6 e:d5#    / b) 1.e5 Sd7+ 2.f6 S:e5#

Avanta(black), mate with pin of black pawns. (Author)



Menachem Witztum, Yuji Kikuta, Ricardo Vieira, Valery Kopyl (WCCC Kobe 2012)


Menachem Witztum, Ricardo Vieira, Dinu-Ioan Nicula, Bjorn Enemark,

Harry Fougiaxis, Diyan Kostadinov (WCCC Kobe 2012)



Menachem Witztum and Mark Erenburg with their

International Master and FIDE Master certificates (WCCC Kobe 2012)


Menachem Witztum and Harry Fougiaxis (WCCC Kobe 2012)


You can see more improved versions of awarded problems from WCCC Kobe 2012 in the article "Improvements" on the following direct link: 





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