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diyan k(05.04.2013) Here you will find information about some useful options of the site that you can use.

If you hold the "mouse" on the "Compositions" button on the top operating line will appear a drop-down menu where you can click on "KoBulChess Originals 2013":


A list with the published original compositions will be appearing from where using the "Title filter" you have many easily and conveniently options to find compositions using the authors name, stipulation, fairy pieces or conditions etc.


For example - if you want to see the published "Helpmates" in the "Title Filter" you should typing "helpmate" (which may be abbreviated with just few letters - "help") and press "enter". A list with all published Helpmates for 2013 will appear. Similarly you can see the published Twomovers (typing "two"), Threemovers ("three"), selfmates ("self") and Fairies ("Fairy"):


You can see the published originals from an author typing his name:


You can see the published originals with some fairy piece or condition. For example typing the fairy condition "circe":


From the "Display #", you can adjust how much of the problems in the list you are looking to display on the screen - 5,10,15,20 ... or all:


From the "Search" at the top right of the screen you can write or find publications on the site by keywords:


Below each post on the site you have the opportunity to write your opinion and comment as you just need to fill your name, email and text you want. Sharing your thoughts with other site visitors and authors of compositions is always helpful and nice, so I appreciate and am grateful to everyone who makes it! In this way the site becomes more useful and interesting to all visitors!


You can chat online with other visitors using the "KoBulChess Chat room" which is located on the bottom of page. Just fill your name and "sign in".

Even if there is nobody online you can write some question, information about some problems, tourneys etc. and I am sure it will be viewed and respond from many visitors.

For example when I wrote some appeal for information I always have been received helpful messages in the chat room or by email from many visitors (thank for that!), so you can also use it:


I hope this article was useful for you and will help you to use more convenient the opportunities of the site. Your suggestions, opinions, comments, new problems, announcements and thematic articles are always welcome! 



+1 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-05-06 20:18
I should note that if you post comment in the english version of the website it will be visual only there and vice versa. So sometime when you see a comment in the right part of the website but it is not visible when you open the article it means that this comment have been posted by some visitor who prefere to use other language version of the site (bulgarian/ english).
Of course the english version is more popular than bulgarian so I reccomend to be more used and commented, because your opinion will be shared with more visitors.
+1 #2 Alex 2013-05-08 12:44
Thank you Diyan, very helpful article.

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