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The results of solving contest "Alexander Hadjipetrov" 2012

plaketThe chess problem solving contest is over. It was carried out during the memorial tournament “Alexander Hadjipetrov”.

The condition of the competition was a chess problem “mate in two moves” to be solved. This problem is composed especially in the memory of Alexander Hadjipetrov and the figures on the diagram represent his initials written in Bulgarian. 


Diyan Kostadinov

In memory of Alexander Hadjipetrov 2012

(his initials A.X. writen in bulgarian) 


Mate in 2 moves


Try 1.Sc~? (zz), 1…a:b4 2.Qd3#, 1…Kb5 2.Bd3#, but 1…S~!

Try: 1.Sd5!? (threat 2.Qd3#), 1…c:d5 2.Bd3#, but 1…S:c5!

Key: 1.Sb5!! (zz), 1…c:b5 2.Qc3#, 1…K:b5 2.Bd3#, 1…a:b4 2. Qd3#, 1…S~ 2.Sd6#


            29 local (a lot of children under 12 among the participants) and 17 solvers by internet from Bulgaria, Argentina, Turkey, USA, and UK participated in the competition. The prizes were chosen by lot among the participants who had found the right solution of the problem. The awarded solvers are:

            Local participants:

Stoyan Stoyanov – 50 lv. and Diploma

Blagovest Ivanov – 30 lv. and Diploma

Kaloyan Dichev – 20 lv. and Diploma


            Internet participants:

Erik Czerwin (USA) – Honourable Plaquette and Diploma

Roberto Marinov (Bulgaria) – chess book and Diploma

Lyuben Koutzarov (Bulgaria) – Honourable Plaquette and Diploma




Stoyan Stoyanov



Kaloyan Dichev



The organizers and judges of MT "Alexander Hadjipetrov" 2012


erik 001    luben   rober

                             Erik Czerwin                   Lyuben Koutzarov               Roberto Marinov



 Honourable plaquette


            The prizes were bestowed by the wife of Alexander Hadjipetrov and those who have won by internet will get their prizes by post.

            Congratulations to the winners! The organizers thank all the participants (especially to Carlos Grassano from Argentina for his exceptionally kind letter)!



Alexander Hadjipetrov



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