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New chess composition website

julia   I am glad to present you the personal web page of Julia Vysotska. She is very talented chess problem composer from Latvia and her site deserve our attention.

   As she wrote herself the main goals of the site are:

    - The review of the software related to chess composition;

    - Publishing of some interesting theoretical and cognitive materials;

    - Paying attention to the women’s activities in composition;

    - Showing and commenting of my own chess problems;

    - Following to the composition-related events.

   As a judge of 2nd Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2011 I was pleased to see her first composed chess problem. I was surprised that a beginner can create such an interesting and good fairy composition. I was pretty sure that Julia will became a very strong chess problem composer very soon.


Julia Vysotska
2nd Bulgarian Wine TT – 2011
54th WCCC Jesi
Special Prize

h#2          2 solutions          (6+9)
Chameleons: Bd6, Sf2, Bb8, Qe2


I. 1.cBc7=cR cBf8=cR 2.cRxc4=cQ cRxf6=cQ#
 II. 1.cQa2=cS cSh3=cB 2.cSxc3=cB cBg4=cR#

   Julia Vysotska is programmer by education – in 1995 have finished Riga Technical University with MS degree in computer sciences. Starting 1999 till nowadays she working as a financial manager in a computer company. She composing since the summer of 2011 and till to the moment have composed about 35 problems – helpmates and fairies.

   You can visit her website on: http://juliasfairies.com



0 #1 dkostadinov 2012-04-14 14:54
There you can find some interesting tools and information for chess composing software as Popeye, Ancona etc. I recommend it!
+1 #2 Julia 2012-04-14 15:03
Thank you, Diyan! I'd like to mention, that the site is still under construction. I'll try to write more about the software, to add the examples and suggestions. Welcome to my site after several days! julia.
+1 #3 seetharaman 2012-04-14 16:31
Good to know about another talented women composer. Chess composers are a minority and a woman composing Fairy problems even rarer! Welcome!!
+1 #4 Manolas Emmanuel 2012-04-19 13:48
Julia's page about Popeye has been referenced in my blogs
english : .../program-popeye.html
greek : .../popeye.html
0 #5 dkostadinov 2012-04-19 23:29
I am happy that so many people likes Julia's page. She is not only good composer but the very nice person too!
+1 #6 Julia 2012-04-21 09:09
Thanks to all of you! I have people coming by the links of Emmanuel Manolas too! Today I have added one more post - about the battery play in my problems. But actually I don't have many comments, so I don't really know what is more important to start from. Maybe something more about the software? But what exactly? Diyan, I know you like to improve my comments! :) Please let me know if anything has to be improved in my last post! With the best wishes, Julia.

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