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Chess problems
Problems 922 to 925: Alexander Pankratiev, Alexey Ivunin & Mihail Gershinski - Helpmates
alexey.ivuninaleksandr.pankratievmichael.gershinski(28.11.2018) Happy to publish four nice originals by the Russian and Ukrainian helpmate experts! Apologies to them for the delay in publishing.
Problem 921: Zoltan Labai - Helpmate
zoltan.labai(14.11.2018) Wonderful Helpmate of the future 2x2 by Zoltan Labai.
Problem 920: Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
gennadi.koziura(13.11.2018) Very nice selfmate by Gennady Koziura.
Problem 919: Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Breton adverse)
pierre.tritten(12.11.2018) Fairy original with interesting Breton adverse condition by Pierre Tritten.
Problem 918: Alexander Sygurov - Selfmate
alexandr.sygurov(11.11.2018) Selfmate with Pickaninny in SOTF style by Alexander Sygurov.
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