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Problem 395: Alexander Fica & Zoltan Labai - Selfmate

ficalabai(18.05.2015) Selfmate with model mates and twin form - a join problem by Alexander Fica and Zoltan Labai.






   a) 1.Re4! (zz) 1…Ba7 2.Re1 Bb8 3.Be3 Ba7 4.Qc8+ Kd6

5.Qc6+ Ke5 6.Bxb6+ Kf4 7.Qc1+ Kg3 8.Bf2+ Bxf2#   MM

   b) 1.Qc8+! Kd6 2.Qd7+ Ke5 3.Bd4+ Kxf4 4.Qf5+ Kg3

5.Qe5+ Kh4 6.Bh3 Kxh3/Bxb8 7.Bf2 Bb8/Kxh3 8.Qh2+ Bxh2#

MM = model mate (Authors)


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