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Problem 413: Elmar Abdullayev - Twomover

elmar(22.06.2014) Even that I am bulgarian till to now I didn't know about the Bulgarian theme... Here it is in this twomover by Elmar.






     1.Qh8! (2.Rg5#)  

1...Kf5 2.Rg5#, 1...Rg6+ 2.Rxg6#, 1...Rxg7 2.Qxg7#

Bulgarian theme

Bulgarian theme: in the initial position white do not have prepared mate on the black check. After the key white created a battery and preparing mate on black check. Blacks neutralized the white battery but there is pin mate.


Болгарская тема: В начальной позиции у белых  нет ответов на шахи белому королю. После первого хода образуется белая батарея на ответ шаху чeрных есть мат со связкой. После первого вступительного хода белых чeрные разрушают батарею но при этом они попадают под связку.




+1 #1 Nikola Predrag 2014-06-22 10:12
This is a typical case where the essential concept of some theme is distorted.
Only one part of the definition of Bulgarian theme is presented and that part achieves the effect opposite to the theme.

"Unprovided check" to wK is a big flaw because obviously the key move must care about that check. One possible way(care) is creation of a direct white battery.
This still does not compensate for a big flaw.
+3 #2 Nikola Predrag 2014-06-22 10:12
The artistic essence of Bulgarian theme could be explained as:
There is some element which is a big or unacceptable flaw. That element will be intentionally made thematic but with respect to a special strict artistic principle.
(Fleck is probably the best known among such themes)
At least 2 unprovided checks and at least one thematic try and thematic solution are necessary for Bulgarian theme.
(For creation of an artistic content where a particular flaw is the main constructive element.)
Without a thematic try, only 1 unprovided check is just a big flaw, nothing more.
+1 #3 Carlos A. Grassano 2014-06-22 16:31
Bulgarian Chess Friends: Hello!! I propose to you.......
Resources combined for finally to define the Bulgarian Theme
a) key making w.battery +
b) Crosschecks in play +
c) Selfpin & Pinmate [to see 1. ... Kf5 2. Rg5# ]

I request more points as elements that define it !!
Carlos Grassano from Argentina
0 #4 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-06-22 17:37
I agree with Nikola, that without at least thematic try, just providing for unprovided checks is not a worthy theme. Here in the above example, there can be some interest if the King flight produced something other than threat.
+1 #5 Elmar Abdullayev 2014-06-22 18:42
K sojaleniyu ne mofu panyat vasi kommenti iz za yazikovogo baryera
+2 #6 Nikola Predrag 2014-06-22 22:10
The example from Velimirovic-Valtonen Encyclopedia:
Georgy Popov, 1.Pr Themes-64 1959
White Qf8 Sc6 Kd6 Se6 Rf3 Bh3 Pe2 Pf2
Black Pd7 Bh7 Pg6 Bh6 Pg5 Sa4 Pc4 Ke4 Qc1 Rf1
1.Bg2?, 1.Qa8?, 1Qe8!
White thematic tries must not be refuted by a check.
+1 #7 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-06-23 01:34
Elmar, moi ruski ploh, no oni skazali chto zadacha ploha potomuchto net tematichni popitki. Kajdiya dvuhodova zadacha doljno vyirazit tema v bolshe fazah chem tolko reshenii. Doljno est toje popitki.
+1 #8 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-06-23 01:38
Dear Nikola and Carlos, thank you for your comments. They can be published immediately without delay for approval by the administrator if you registrate your email and log-in. It is very simple and you can do it for few seconds. Just registrate your nickname, email and password in the Sign-in form on the right side of the site.
0 #9 Linden Lyons 2014-06-23 06:04
Nikola, could you elaborate on your opinion of the Fleck theme? If a problem with this theme contains neither unprovided checks nor any duals, in what way is it flawed?
0 #10 eugene rosner 2014-06-23 15:10
another way of treating unprovided checks thematically is shown in this link and problem by Vaux Wilson
+1 #11 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-06-24 19:00
Quoting Linden Lyons:
Nikola, could you elaborate on your opinion of the Fleck theme? If a problem with this theme contains neither unprovided checks nor any duals, in what way is it flawed?

I think that Nikola cited "Fleck" theme as an example of a formal defect being elevated to the status of a "Theme". Multiple threats in a twomover are generally considered defects. But Fleck theme treats it thematically and even makes it interesting. I think, he did not intend to link "unprovided checks" and "Fleck theme".
+1 #12 Nikola Predrag 2014-06-25 17:11
Thanks Seetharaman, you're right of course.
There's even greater defect elevated to the status of a theme. Not only the multiple threats but the multiple mates. The name is something about "separation", I don't remember exactly.
I would dogmatically reject such problems but in some problems, the beuaty, the composing skill and creativity can not be denied.

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