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Problem 450: Ladislav Salai jr & Michal Dragoun - Fairy (Equihopper, Pao, Vao)
salaidragoun(02.10.2014) Excellent fairy threemover with mixed Bristol, change of white continuations and nice fairy effects. Welcome to Ladislav Salai jr. and Michal Dragoun!
Equihopper (EQ): Moves along any line over another unit of either color to a square situated such that the hurdle stands at the mid-point between the Equihopper’s departure and arrival squares.
PAO(PA): Chinese piece operating along Rook lines: moves as Rook, but captures only by hopping over a hurdle to any square beyond.
VAO(VA): Chinese piece operating along Bishop lines: moves as Bishop, but captures only by hopping over a hurdle to any square beyond.


+3 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-10-02 16:29
Brilliant interchange of white moves. The white king position determines the order!
Bonus is the variation 1...Qe6 showing the interesting dual avoidance mates!
+3 #2 Shankar Ram 2014-10-05 02:55
4 fold Loshinsky magnet style continuations..
Deferred in try and immediate after key..
W move sequence determined by possibility of Bl check on 2nd move: 2..e3-e2+ in try and 2..Rd7-b7+ after key..
Effective use of Vao/Pao and Pao/Equihopper batteries..
Seems like whether the Equihopper should be non-stop or stoppable does not matter..?
0 #3 Harry Fougiaxis 2014-10-31 06:15
The Equihopper must be stoppable on queen-lines (aka English equihopper); with a non-stop (aka French) equihopper, the black defences have no meaning which would destroy the whole idea of the composition.

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