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Problem 451: Hubert Gockel - Fairy (Annan chess)
hubert.gockel(11.10.2014) Nice fairy twomover by Hubert Gockel with Reciprocal changes, Black Correction and Annan Chess effects.
   a) 1.Ba8! (2.Rd5#)
1...S6~ a 2.Qe5# A
1...Sf4! b 2.Qxe4# B (2.Qe5+? Qxe5!)
1...Qxf5 2.Rd3# (2.Rxc3+? Sxc3! because wP(R)h4 no longer pins bSe4!)
1…Qe3 2.fxe3# (2.Rd5+? Qxd5!)
   b) 1.Bc6! (2.Rd5#)
1...S6~ a 2.Qxe4# B
1...Sf4! b 2.Qe5# A (2.Qxe4+? Kxe4! because the guarding line h4-e4 is cut!)
1...Sxc5! 2.Sxc5#! (wB(S)c6 mates … the reason for the key!)
1...Qd6 2.Rd3#
1...Qe3 2.fxe3#
1...Qe5! 2.Rxc3#! (2.Rd3+? Sxd3! reverted use of unpinned bS(Q)e4)
-Reciprocal changes
-Specific direct unpin with dual avoidance
-Choice of square vacation by key-Bishop
Annan Chess (Southern Chess): A unit (Kings included) one square in front of a friendly unit moves in the manner of the rear unit, not as itself. For white, affected units are on the same file and one rank higher, for black they are one rank lower. Transference of powers is only to the next unit: with 3 friendly units adjected in a file, the 3rd moves as the 2nd, the 2nd moves as the 1st. The Pawns on their first rank are immobile.


+3 #1 eugene david rosner 2014-10-12 17:03
really beautiful! in A. the bishop needs to remain a bishop, so a8 is the only square. Incredibly intense effects happening on e4,e5
+1 #2 Nikola Predrag 2014-10-12 17:41
Yes, it's very nice.
Still, for the sake of truth, there's double refutation in b):
1.Bc6 Qe5 2.Rd3+? Qxd3!/Sxd3!
+1 #3 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-10-12 19:47
Clever use of the Annan condition to effect the reciprocal change of mates. I like this very much!

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