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Problem 452: S.K.Balasubramanian & Pierre Tritten - Fairy (KoBul Kings, Back to Back)
balasubramaniantritten(12.10.2014) Fairy helpmate by S. K. Balasubramanian and Pierre Tritten with interesting combination of KoBul Kings and Back to Back conditions, nice twin form and Ks+Ps position.
a) 1.g1B Kb7 2.Bb6+ Kxe4 3.Be3+ Kg6
4.Bd4 Kh6 5.Bg7+ Kxg7(g8=rB)#
b) 1.b1S Ke7 2.Sc3 Kd6 3.Sd5+ Ke4
4.Se3+ Kf2 5.Sg2 Kg2(h2=rS)#
Back-To-Back: When pieces of opposite colors stand back-to-back with each other on the same file (white piece is on the top of black!), they exchange their roles. A pawn on the first rank cannot move. Any piece can make an en passant capture when it has got a role of Pawn.
KoBul Kings: When a piece (not a pawn) of his own side is captured, a King transforms into a Royal piece of the same type as the captured one. When the King is in the form of any Royal piece and there is a capture of one of the pawns of his own side, he becomes a normal King again. Captures are illegal if their result is self-check because of the transformation of the Кings according to KoBul rules. Castling is allowed only if the KoBul King is on his initial square in the form of a normal King and if he has not already moved; however he may already have been transformed.


+1 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-10-12 19:52
Very nice!
+1 #2 Kjell Widlert 2014-10-15 21:43
The main point seems to be in the two consecutive BTB effects between the same two pieces in each solution - quite a striking motif. (Is it possible to do Three or more such consecutive BTB or FTF effects?)

KoBul Kings doesn't seem essential, but is a clever way of motivating the BTB play (both thematic pieces must go to g7/g2).

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