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Problem 494: S.K.Balasubramanian & Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Face-to-Face)
balasubramaniantritten(06.01.2014) Excellent fairy problem with rich strategy and ODT by S.K. Balasubramanian and Pierre Tritten.
a) 1.Kh3 Bc8 2.Qg4+ Sg3# 
b) 1.Kg5 Rb5+ 2.Qf5+ Sf4#
Pin mates. The same specific fairy condition nullifies the checks to wK by bQ and effects the mates to bK by wS in both the phases. Orthogonal-diagonal roles played by all pieces (bK moves, wR/wB moves, checking lines by bQ, mating lines by wS). (Authors)
Face to Face: When a white piece is just one rank below a black piece on the same file, they exchange their walk.



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