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Problem 577: Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber - Fairy (Isardam, Trasmuted Kings)
vlaicu.crisaneric.huber(13.05.2015) A wonderful fairy original by Vlaicu and Eric with excellent ODT and specific fairy play!
a) 1.Rf6+ Kxf6 2.Bh4+ Bxd4 #
b) 1.Bh1+ Kxh1 2.Rh4+ Rxe1#
Straightforward diagonal-orthogonal correspondence with specific play using both conditions Isardam and Transmuted Kings.
In the final position, the white King “guards” the white Bishop (respectively, white Rook) by a specific effect. In fact the white piece is not protected by the wK. But if the wB was captured, then the wK would be in check and would control d4 (respectively, e1).
Transmuted Kings: the king takes the nature of the checking piece. 
Isardam: Any move creating a Madrasi-style paralysis is illegal. Thus a check may be countered by guarding the king using a unit of the same type as the checking piece. Also, if a piece stands between two line pieces which would otherwise paralyse each other, that piece may not move off the line (Isardam pin!)

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