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Problem 587: Anatoly Vasylenko - Twomover
anatoly.vasilenko(02.06.2015) Welcome to Anatoly Vasylenko from Ukraine whose twomover has interesting tries.
 587. Anatoly Vasylenko (Ukraine)
#2 vv                     (10+8)
1.Qh3? (2.Qd7#), 1...Bxd6+ 2.Sxd6#, 1...Ka4! Rc2!
1.Kf6!? (2.Qe8#), 1...Ka4 2.Sc3#, 1...Rc2!
1.Kf5!? (2.Qe8#), 1...Rc2 2.Rxb4#, 1...Ka4!
      1.Kf4! (2.Qe8#)
1...Ka4 2.Sc3#, 1...Rc2 2.Rxb4#,
1...Bxd6+ 2.Sxd6#, 1...Bxd2 2.Sc7#.


+2 #1 Toshiji Kawagoe 2015-06-02 12:01
Among three possibilities of line opening move of wK, the key is the most unlikely one because it moves wK on the line of bB's check (1...Bxd6+) or on the line of wQ being pinned (1...Bxd2). Thematic tries 1.Kf5? and 1.Kf6? are also very impressive!
+1 #2 Marjan Kovacevic 2015-06-04 10:46
Yes, the key-phase is very good, especially for allowing thematic pin 1...B:d2 with the nice variation. I like the picturesque initial position, too.
However, I don't understand why this nice thematic problem for 10. WCCT was published in the middle of the cycle??
+2 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2015-06-04 11:51
Thanks for pointing it out Marjan. Actually this question is disputable. On one hand - yes, such an important event as WCCT should be support and to be protected from some possible future issues, but on other hand - so many composers do not participate on it and there is no reason to them to not composing and publish problems which they like. For example - if some theme of WCCT is one of the author's favourite for the time, he should stop composing for 3 years, just because it was selected? Or if some 70 years old composer have composed several problems which incidentally are with same thematic complex as the selected for WCCT - he should wait 3 years for publication? Or some excited newcomer should wait 3 years?
So - there are many examples which can be given in favour or cons of this restriction.
+1 #4 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-06-04 13:02
Quoting Marjan Kovacevic:
However, I don't understand why this nice thematic problem for 10. WCCT was published in the middle of the cycle??

Actually there was some delay in publishing it. When I received I had not studied the WCCT themes fully and did not realise it showed 2-mover theme. So I did not ask the composer whether he would like it withdrawn.

Diyan's views are very interesting and will probably produce a healthy discussion.
0 #5 anatoly vasylenko 2015-06-04 16:41
В комментариях к задаче я декларировал другую тему, как мне кажется, более важную и очевидную.
Но шахматная композиция тем и хороша, что каждый может увидеть в задаче то, что пожелает:-)
Согласен с Деяном, что информация о "запрете публикации" не должна распространяться на тех композиторов, которые не участвует в WCCT.
+1 #6 anatoly vasylenko 2015-06-04 19:59
In my opinion, Kharkov theme is more important and more obvious here.

But one of the good points of chess composition is that everyone can see anything he or she wishes to see in a problem. :)

I agree with Dejan that if the information on the “ban on publication” was presented somewhere, then how can it apply to someone who did not read it or does not participate in the WCCT?
0 #7 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-06-05 17:20
Quoting anatoly vasylenko:
....."ban on publication” was presented somewhere,..... how can it apply to someone who did not read it or does not participate in the WCCT?

The ban request is not for the composers but intended for the editors.

I had a curious experience with ref. to 9-WCCT. After the closing date of 9-WCCT was over, I submitted one of my problems (not selected for our team) to the FIDE Tourney. Surprisingly the judge of the tourney refused to consider my entry on the grounds that it showed the WCCT theme :-)
0 #8 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-06-05 19:01
Mr.Valery Shanshin forwarded his comment about this problem which is below:

"Приоритетной может быть идея, объединяющая всё содержание произведения. В задаче №587 такой идеей является выбор первого хода с последующей атакой по линии e8-b5.

В отличие от организаторов и арбитров конкурсов, авторы произведений могут не знать об ограничении в их публикации в связи с проходящим WCCT.

Priority may be the idea of uniting all the content of the work. In problem No. 587 this idea is the choice of the first move followed by an attack on the lines e8-b5.

Unlike referees and organizers of competitions, the authors of the works may not know about the limitation of their publication in connection with the ongoing WCCT."
0 #9 anatoly vasylenko 2015-06-05 20:56
Thank you, Valery.

In this case, I knew about the restriction, but I had composed this problem a long time ago.

More than that, even sent it to tourneys, but it was not mentioned in the awards.

Honestly speaking, its chances to be included in the award are low, but it is quite pubishable.

I do not participate in the WCCT. Why should I avoid publishing it for a few more years?

Should I be waiting for a possible anticipation?
+1 #10 Shankar Ram 2015-06-06 15:17
My suggestion: Compose/publish ortho WCCT theme examples with fairy pieces/conditions/boards/etc.

I think the restriction would not apply then..?;-)
0 #11 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-06-06 15:49
Quoting Shankar Ram:
Compose/publish ortho WCCT theme examples with fairy pieces/conditions/boards/etc.

I think the restriction would not apply then..?;-)

Of course! But not many compose in both fields like you do. :-)

For composers who do only orthodox problems, the way out is to compose #2 in the WCCT helpmates theme and H# in the #2 WCCT theme!! ie. Anticipatory Unpin of a white piece in H# and black battery checks in #2 !
0 #12 Juraj Lorinc 2015-06-07 01:35
In my view publishing WCCT-themed problems during the cycle is clearly editor's mistake in the first place. WCCT announcement says it clearly: "Editors of chess magazines are asked not to publish originals with themes of this tournament before the closing date of 10th WCCT: May 1st, 2016"

It can happen especially at the beginning, but as time passes, any doubts are harder and harder to accept. Especially when some editors are active in the international community - regular WCCT participants, WFCC delegates (!) etc.

However, there is a share of guilt also on the side of authors, they often (not always) send their WCCT-themed problems for publication well knowing that the editors should not publish them. And again this includes even the most WCCT active authors.
0 #13 Juraj Lorinc 2015-06-07 01:43
It was already discussed a few times on the Mat Plus forum:

My view did not change: the editors and authors respecting the wish of organizers have to pay for their patience, while violators get both awarded and also can claim the priority to WCCT entries, even claim the anticipations in the WCCT process (if some WCCT entries are similar).
0 #14 anatoly vasylenko 2015-06-07 07:24
It’s about composers NOT PARTICIPATING in 10 WCCT. Why don’t they have the right to publish their problems that they had composed long before the world tournament was announced?
0 #15 Kenan Velikhanov 2015-06-07 11:29
I agree with Anatoly. Do not participate in the championship can publish their work anywhere and at any time. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, he opens more ideii for participants of the championship. the theme is not new to the announcement and the topics were problems on this topic. Now what has changed, why so much talk?
0 #16 Kenan Velikhanov 2015-06-07 11:43
Yes, if it were up to the announcement after the close of this course contradicts.
In order to avoid a precursor compositions participating in the championship can not be published on the theme of peace. And before closing it is not to no harm.
0 #17 RodolfoRiva 2015-06-07 11:43
It is also about people who have health problems and do not want to wait 3 years to see their work published posthumously.
0 #18 Juraj Lorinc 2015-06-07 12:05
Ad #14: No, it is about wish of WFCC directed to editors: please, do not publish WCCT-themes problems before the deadline of WCCT.

Authors do not lose the right to publish anything. They are free to publish, however, especially if WFCC-active people (like WFCC delegates, WCCT participants, etc.) do not respect the wish of WFCC, what does it say about WFCC authority?
+1 #19 Kostas Prentos 2015-06-09 03:33
Although I do not consider the WCCT much different (or more important) than any other formal tourney, I realize that it is a very popular competition and understand the wish of the WFCC to protect it, if possible. However, the request to editors to not publish thematic originals, if not enforced somehow, remains just a request and it is up to each editor's good will to conform or not.

Reading the previous discussions in the MatPlus forum, I get the impression that there are good arguments for both sides. As the retros editor of StrateGems, I am obliged to be alert and in case I receive a thematic original, to decide whether to publish it or not. The problem with the WCCT retro theme is that it is so general that it may occur accidentally and be unnoticed by both the composer or the editor. In fact, I went through the solutions of the orthodox proof games that are going to be published in the July issue and found 1 (out of 4) that shows the WCCT theme. (to be continued)
+1 #20 Kostas Prentos 2015-06-09 04:00
My guess is that few people will recognize the theme, as it is both accidental and only a small part of the content. I missed it when I accepted the problem for publication and I only noticed it now, because I was specifically looking for it. Therefore, my decision is to not disrupt the flow of the magazine, which goes to print in one week, and publish the problem anyway.

One way to make things easier about the restrictions, for both composers and editors, is to allow less time for composing for the WCCT (6 months from the announcement of the themes is ample time, nowadays). There may still be thematic problems outside the WCCT competition, but it is much easier to hold an original for a few months, than for a year, or more.

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