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Problem 588: Srecko Radovic - Helpmate
srecko.radovic(04.06.2015) Radovic's nice helpmate shows the BIT 2015 theme with black correction, unpin effects (positive and negative) and pinmates! Interesting to compare with 580 and 581.






588. Srecko Radovic (Serbia)
588H#2           3 Sol.         (7+11)
1.d7xc6 (d7~) Sf4 2.Rd7 Re6#
1.d6! Sg3 2.Sd5 Bxd6# 
           (1...Sf4? 2.Rd7? Re6#? 3.S7xe6!)
1.d5! Sf6 2.Se6 Rxd5#
           (1...Sf4? 2.Rd7? Re6#? 3.S5xe6!)
Random and correction moves of Pd7 in the context of showing the harmful and useful effects of unpinning the knights! (Author)

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