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Problem 683: Jaroslaw Brzozowicz & Eugeniusz Iwanow - Selfmate

eugeniusz.iwanow(27.12.2015) Here is the last orthodox Selfmate for 2015! If you sent a selfmate for publication in 2015 but still do not see it published or if you have some important Selfmate for the FIDE Album period or WCCI 2013-2015 and need to publish it in 2015 - please contact me by email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  as soon as possible and I will try to publish it till the end of the year.







1.Rf6? (2.Rxc5+ Rxc5#), but 1...Se6! (a) / 1...bxa6! (b)

1.Rf7? (2.Rxc5+ Rxc5#), but 1...Se6! (a)

1.Re6? (2.Rxc5+ Rxc5#), but 1...bxa6! (b)

   1.Re7! (2.Rxc5+ Rxc5#)

1...Rxb 32.Qb5+ Rxb5#

1...Se6 2.Bxe4+ Qxe4#

1...bxa6 2.axb5+ axb5#


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