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Problem 845: Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
gennadi.koziura(12.09.2017) Interesting new presentation of the Selfmate of the Future by Gennady Koziura.
 Dedicated to Valery Kopyl - 60
    1.Se5? (2.Qd5+ Ke7+ 3.Qd6 Rxd6#),1...Bxb4!
1) 1.Sh8! (2.Qc8+ Ke7+ 3.Bd6+ Rxd6#)
2) 1...Bxf4 2.d5+ Ke5+ 3.Qd6+Rxd6#
3) 1...Sxf4 2.Rf6+ Rxf6 3.Qe7+ Kxe7#
4) 1...Bg6 2.Qd5+ Ke7 3.Rae8+Bxe8#
5) 1...Bxb4 2.Qe8+ Be7 3.Bc4+ Rxc4#
1) and 2) white play on d6; 2) and 3) capture on f4; 3) and 4) battery mates.
Vitaly Medintsev call this at the field of helpmates as a Neo-HOTF. I offer it to be named as a Neo-SOTF in selfmates.


0 #1 Frank Richter 2017-09-29 06:30
Good play, but the use of wRa8 is surely not "of the future".

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