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Problem 847: Aleksey Oganesjan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesjan(22.09.2017) Interesting original by Aleksey Oganesjan with Grigory Popov's logical idea in selfmate genre.
1.e5? (2.Rxg8+ Bxg8#), 1...0-0-0! (main plan)
1.Sb6? Kf8 2.Sd7+ Ke8 3.e5 ~ 4.Rxg8+ Bxg8#, 1...Rd8! 2.e5 Rxd6+!
1.Qc1? Ra6! 2.Sxa6 (2.e5 Rxd6+!) 2...Rxa4 3.e5 Rxf4!
   1.Sc6! (2.e5 ~ 3.Rxg8+ Bxg8#)
1...bxc6 2.Qa5! R3xa4 3.Qxa8+! Rxa8 4.e5 ~ 5.Rxg8+ Bxg8#
1...R3xa4 2.e5! Rxf4! 3.Rxg8+ Rf8! 4.Sxf8 ~ 5.Sd7+ Bxg8#
Realization of Grigory Popov's logical idea (#5, 2012, http://yacpdb.org/#403391) in selfmate genre: substitution of one bRa8 to another - in order to deprive Black castling. In 2nd variation (1...R3xa4) White unexpectedly execute a main plan immediately (on 2nd and 3rd move), after that White have to create and use a battery.

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