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Problem 903: Dan-Constantin Gurgui - Fairy (Two Pieces in One Chess - TPIO)
dan-constantin.gurgui(17.08.2018) Interesting fairy condition which was new to me. Welcome to Dan-Constantin Gurgui! Is there a possible improvement of the twin form?
a) 1.Ke4 Be3 2.Bd5 (B+R)e3#
b) 1.Ke5 Sf4 2.Be4 (S+B)f4#
c) 1.Bc6 Bf4+ 2.Kd5 (B+S)f4#
Two Pieces In One Chess or TPIO Chess by Dan-Constantin Gurgui (Romania)
Two Pieces In One Chess or TPIO Chess represents a fairy condition in which white and black pieces change their value by unifying two pieces that move to the same square; unification is accomplished by moving the lower value piece, followed by moving the upper value piece. The value of the six pieces of chess on a scale of 6 to 1 will be the following: Queen 6 points, Rook 5 points, Bishop and Knight 4 points, Pawn 2 points and King one point.
Table of how to form and represent TPIO pieces
Rules to be observed when composing a TPIO Chess:
- the unification of the two pieces will be of the same white or black color, it will be made on the same field and the moves will be consecutive,
- the problem without the condition "TPIO Chess" will have no solution, if it exists then it will be eliminated,
- are allowed: DUPLEX, Zero position, neutral pieces, Circe etc.


+2 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2018-08-29 17:34
Interesting but tough to grasp. I think it will take some more time for me to analyse and understand the strategy of this problem.
+2 #2 Dan-Constantin Gurgu 2018-08-31 19:39
The problem does not show the idea of composing and decomposing the TPIO fairy pieces.
The original idea was not accepted for publication.
I'm waiting for it to be accepted.
0 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2018-10-23 09:43
I received an information that such a fairy condition is already exist. The name of the condition is Augsburg.
For example: Feenscach 146/2002
Thanks for the information!

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