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Problem 927 and 928: Anton Bidlen - Helpmates
anton.bidlen(30.11.2018) Two interesting helpmates from Anton Bidlen. I hope some repetitions in the longer helpmate are excusable in view of the underpromotion and different mates.
927. Anton Bidlen (Slovakia)
H#2 (set)     2 Sol.        (8+5)
1...e4 2.Be3 Rf5#
1...Rd4+ 2.Ke3 Re4#
1.Be1 Kb2 2.Bg3 Bg5#
1.Bc3 Rd3 2.Be5 Rf3#
Four times the bishop blocks king field (Author)
928. Anton Bidlen (Slovakia)
H#6          2 Sol.           (6+7) 
1.Kf5 gf3 2.g2 Kh2 3.g1R Bg2
4.Rh1+ Kg3 5.Rh6 f4 6.Rf6 Be4#
1.Ke5 gf3 2.g2 Kh2 3.g1B+ Kg3
4.Bf2+ Kxg4 5.Bh4 Bg2 6.Bf6 f4#
Two underpromotions & selfblocks on same square (Author)


+5 #1 Kostas Prentos 2018-12-01 10:10
If 928 was my own problem, I would definitely avoid all the repetitions (1...gxf3 2.g2 Kh2)and the promoted Bh3, starting from move 3, for a h#4 with twins. Of course, there may be other ways to improve the problem, but this would be the starting point.
0 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2018-12-03 11:35
Thanks Kostas for your observation. The problem indeed will be better as a h#4 without the unwanted repetitions. I too failed to notice that.

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