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Problem 940: Mohamed Jamal Elbaz - Helpmate
jamal.elbaz(20.12.2018) Another interesting HOTF from the author of 598  showing four different mates from the bishop added to the black king star!  Are the repeated selfblocks a weakness or do they show changed mate after selfblocks? 
940. Mohamed Jamal Elbaz (Morocco)
H#2          b) Ke2-e8        (5+7)
a) 1.Kd4 d3 2.Se5 Be3#
1.Kf4 Kf2 2.Be5 d3#
b) 1.Kd6 Kd8 2.Be5 Ba3#
1.Kf6 Ba3 2.Se5 Be7#

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