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Problem 941: Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi - Helpmate
vasil.krizhanivsky(20.12.2018) Active white sacrifices in this helpmate from Ukraine showing a nice doubling of the Kniest theme!  
941. Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi (Ukraine)
H#2.5        2 Sol.        (10+12)
1...Bxh3+! 2. Kxh3 gxh4 3. Kxh4 Kxg7#
1...Sxf3! 2. Kxf3 Rxe4 3. Kxe4 Qa8#
Active sacrifices (white x 4)
Corner to corner (wQ)
Kniest theme (doubled)
Azemour 6 theme (White 2)
Black king moves only, Model mates. 

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