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Problem 999: Miloje Ilic & Branislav Djurasevic - Helpmate
ilic.djurasevic(11.10.2019) Wonderful duplex helpmate by the serbian tandem Miloje Ilic & Branislav Djurasevic. You can see also brief biographies by both authors. Welcome to KoBulChess for Miloje Ilic!
999. Miloje Ilic & Branislav Djurasevic
a) 1.Bg3 Be4 2.Bh2 Kf3 3.Kh1 Kf2#
b) 1.Bg2 Be1 2.Bh3 Kf2 3.Kh4 Kf3#
Indian theme in a miniature form with perfect analogy.
The authors did not find any anticipation for this problem!? 
About the authors:
Miloje Ilic (DSc, Professor of Geology ) was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1938. Besides teaching and directing mineral projects (both in Serbia and international organizations) he has occasionally composed chess problems of various genres since early 60’s.
Branislav Djurasevic (born 1957, Belgrade, Serbia), FM solver, was a member of the Yugoslav and Serbian team at the WCSC and WCCT several times. As composer, he has 6,17 points on the FIDE Album's current list. In the recent years, he has established himself as an outstanding study composer. He writes a regular column about chess studies for the world-renowned magazine Chess Informant, Belgrade.

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