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Originals: August - September 2012 (Part1)

logoAfter some delay because of WCCC in Kobe, now the KoBulChess Originals August - September 2012 are finally here! In Part 1 are published twomovers, threemovers, helpmates and selfmates. The fairies will be published in Part 2. Welcome to Fadil Abdurahmanovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina!




KoBulChess Originals: August - September 2012 (Part 1)

Judges for 2012: #2 - GM Milan Velimirovic IJ, #3 - FM Evgeny Fomichev IJ,

S# - GM Petko Petkov IJ, H# - IM Zoran Gavrilovski IJ,

Fairies - IM Manfred Rittirsch IJ

Editor: Diyan Kostadinov IJ (email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )




58) 1.R:b3? (2.Rd6/h:g8S#), 1e5 2.h:g8S#, 1B~ 2.Rd6#, 1Bd5!

       1.Rf4! (2.R:f5#)

1Qe6 2.Rb6#(2e5?), 1e6 2.h:g8S#(2Q:g8?), 1Be6 2.R:b3#(2e5?)

(1Qd5 2.Rb6#)

Queen-Pawn Grimshaw, white half-battery play (Author) Three defences by different black pieces on e6. (Diyan Kostadinov)

59) 1.Sc~? (2.Re4#), 1Se5!

     1.Se7! (2.Sd5#), 1Sb4 2.Bd6#, 1Se5 2.Se2#

1Re3 2.Qf2#, 1f:g6 2.S:g6#

Interesting opening and closing of lines, Levman and very beautiful key. (Diyan Kostadinov)

60) 1.Sg6! (2.S:h4#)

1B:g6 2.Qd2! (3.Qf4#) 2Rf5 3.Q:d3#

1Rh5 2.Qc8! (3.Q:g4#) 2Bf5 3.Se5#, 2Rf5/g5 3.S:h4#

Nice white quiet second moves and Grimshaw after critical black moves.(Diyan Kostadinov) 




61) 1.Q:d8 S:b2 2.Ka5 S:c4# 1.S:d3 R:b2+ 2.Kc5 Be7#

   Combination of black prolonged half-pin and Zilahi theme. (Authors) Black half-pin and Zilahi theme in elegant position without white pawns. (Diyan Kostadinov)

62) 1.Kb4 (A) Kd4 2.Kb3 (B) Kc5 3.Sb4 (C) Kb6 4.Ka4 (D) Sc5#

     1.Kb3 (B) Kd3 2.Kb4 (A) Kc2 3.Ka4 (D) Kb2 4.Sb4 (C) Sc3#

   Beautiful white and black Kings maneuvers and reciprocal change of moves AB-BA / CD-DC in excellent position - miniature and aristocrat. (Diyan Kostadinov)

63) 1.Re8! [2.Bg4! (3.Re5 Kg6 4.g8Q+ Kh6 5.Qf6+ Rg6 6.Bh5 R:f6 7.Qf8+ R:f8#) 2Kg6 3.g8R+ Kh6 4.Qf8+ Rg7 5.Re5 Kg6 6.Qf5+ Kh6 7.Qh7+ R:h7#]

1Kh5 2.Qh2+ Kg6 3.g8Q+ Kf6 4.Qf4+ Rf5 5.Qgg5+ Kf7 6.Qc7+ K:e8 7.Qcd8+ Kf7 8.Qgh5+ Rh5#

   1...Kg6 2.Re6+ Kh5 3.Qh2+ Kg4 4.Re3+ Rf5 5.Kh7 Kg5 6.g8Q+ Kf6 7.Qd8+ Kf7 8.Qhh5 Rh5#

   Two different wQs sacrifices on h5 square on last white moves, long maneuvers, miniature, black minimal. The threat is short (7 moves) but it is quiet and very well connected with the variations. (Diyan Kostadinov)

Your suggestions, comments and new originals are always welcome!




+1 #1 seetharaman 2012-10-22 21:52
N.58 shows three interferences on 'e6' nothing new. But what is interesting is two interferences on the black pawn e7. Let us hope it is new !

The seven move threat in 63 is not considered short I think, but it is indeed a weakness in the otherwise fine N.60.
+1 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2012-10-24 15:16
You are right Ram that the problem n.60 is very nice, but unfortunatelly the short threat is a weakness. Actually even with this weakness I like this problem because of the fine variations.
More interesting is that till to the moment all published original threemovers in KoBulChess are from Nikolay Dimitrov! I thank very much the bulgarian maestro who celebrate his 83th Birthday 4 days ago!
I hope that another composers also will send their threemover originals for publication in KoBulChess 2012.
0 #3 Paul Raican 2018-12-21 14:21
N.63 (s#8) is now checked by WinChloe.
0 #4 Diyan Kostadinov 2018-12-26 05:52
It was checked even then, but I not remember with which program...

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