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Originals October - November 2012 (Part 1) Updated

logoHere are the Originals October-November 2012 for sections #2, #3, H# and S#.






KoBulChess Originals: October - November 2012 (Part 1)

Judges for 2012: #2 - GM Milan Velimirovic IJ, #3 - FM Evgeny Fomichev IJ,

S# - GM Petko Petkov IJ, H# - IM Zoran Gavrilovski IJ,

Fairies - IM Manfred Rittirsch IJ

Editor: Diyan Kostadinov IJ (email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  )



73) 1.Sf6? (2.Qd4#), 1…Sf3 x /Sd7y 2.Se4# A, 1…Q:d8/Qd7 2.Sb7#, 1…Rh4!

     1.Sf4! (2.Qd4#), 1…Sf3 x 2.S:d3# B, 1…Sd7 y 2.S:e6# C, 1…Q:d8(d7) 2.Sb7#

Pin mates after masked BiValve on B1 (Diyan Kostadinov)


74) 1...K:b5 2.Qa5+ A Kc4 3.Qc5#, 1...K:d5 2.Re5+ B Kc4/Kd6 3.Q:b3/Bc5 C#

     1.Ba7? Be2!

     1.Bc5! C (zz)

1...K:b5 2.Kc3 ~ 3.Qa5# A, 1...K:d5 2.Q:b3+ Bc4 3.Re5# B

1...B~ 2.Q:b3+ D K:b5 3.B(:)d3#, 1...Be2 2.R:e2 (zz) K:b5/K:d5 3.Bd3/Q:b3 D #

Changed continuations with transfer of the second white moves from the set play (motivated by annihilation of wPs at B1) to actual mates, bB corrective play at B1 and Babouchka theme (1...x/y, 1...z 2...x/y) (Author), Light settings with change of continuations and transfers of the W2 into W3 which looks nice in combination with Babouchka theme, Black correction (Diyan Kostadinov)


75) 1. K:c6! (2.Kd6 ~ 3.Sd2#)

1...Rh7(h8) 2.Bf5+ g:f5 3.Re6#, 1...Rh2 2.Rf4+ g:f4 3.Sf6#

1...Sc3! 2.S:c3+ b:c3 3.Bd5# (1…Sc1 2.Sd~ 3.Bd5#)

Cyclic square vacation, selfblocks (Author) Very nice square vacations in logical style – tries 1.Bf5+? g:f5 2.Re6+ R:e6!; 1.Rf4+ R:f4! (Diyan Kostadinov)



76) 1.Sf5 d:c3+ 2.Ke4 Rd4#, 1.Qd5 Kg7 2.Ke5 d4#

Probably for first time is shown combination of black anticipatory self-pin with mates on BK’s initial square. Reciprocally changed function of bSd6 & bQf3 and wRa5 & wBg6 (Author) Two mates on the bK’s initial square after anticipatory self-pins (Diyan Kostadinov)


77) 1.Ke6 Bc5 2.Rh7! Bb6 3.Ke7 Kb8 4.Qg8 Kc8 5.Sf7+ Bd8+ 6.Kf8 Kd7 7.Rg7 Be7#

wB Rundlauf, difficult B2, miniature, model mate (Diyan Kostadinov)


78) 1.Qf5? 1…R:g4!, 1.Qf4(e8)? 1…R:h5!

     1.Qb4! (zz) 1…R:g4 2.Qa4+ R:a4#, 1…R:h5 2.Qa5+ R:a5#

Meredith, Options (Diyan Kostadinov)



75.1)  Author’s version of problem n.75

   1.Kc6! [2. Kd6! ~ 3.Sd2#  (2.Sc3+? S:c3! 3.Bd5#?? S:d5!;

2.Bf5+? g:f5! 3.Re6#?? R:e6!; 2.Rf4+? R:f4! 3.Sf6#?? R:f6!)] 

1…Sb2(Sc3) 2.Sc3+ b:c3 3.Bd5# 

1…Rh3(Rh2) 2.Rf4+ g:f4 3.Sf6 # 

1…Rh8 2.Bf5+ g:f5 3.Re6#

1…Bf3 2.S:b4! Sc3 3.e:f3#, 2…B:e2 3.Bd5# 

1…Sb6 2.S:b6! (2.Sc3+?) ~ 3.Bd5# 

Cyclic square vacation, selfblocks and logical tries on white second move (Author) In this version the author is found a way to avoid the dual variation 1…Sc1 and to include by play variations (the first one 1…Bf3 is nice with another quiet W2) (Diyan Kostadinov)

78.1)  Version of problem n.78 (by K.S. and D.K.)

   1.Qb3? 1…R:h5!, 1.Qb5? 1…R:h3!, 1.Qc5? 1…R:g4! 

   1.Qb4! (zz)

1…R:h3 2.Qa3+ R:a3#, 1…R:g4 2.Qa4+ R:a4#, 1…R:h5 2.Qa5+ R:a5# 

Ivan Paskalev agree that this version with three thematic tries and three variations is better than the published problem n.78 and thank K.Seetharaman and D. Kostadinov for it.


Important Notice:

   Till to the moment in my base with Originals for sections #2, #3, H#, S# for December 2012 are problems by Nikolay Dimitrov (#2) and some of mine (#2, H#), so if you were sent me an original for these sections and you still don't saw it published here - please contact me!



+3 #1 seetharaman 2012-12-19 14:28
Thanks Diyan for pointing out the logical structure in my 75. I did not think much of it when I composed.

Sorry about the dual after 1...Sc1. I failed to notice it. Will send an improved setting soon.
+5 #2 seetharaman 2012-12-19 14:40
No.77. Excellent Rundlauf in such a light setting ! Great !
+3 #3 seetharaman 2012-12-19 15:15
N.78 by Ivan Paskalev has interesting tries. But without changes I think they are not important.

A more economical setting with one more variation is :
kB3Q21rP587P6Pr7P8K6B (8+3). S#2. Key 1.Qb4! gives two flights to the white
king !. There is still one try 1.Qc5 ?
+4 #4 Nikola Predrag 2012-12-19 17:56
No.76 Janevski
Reciprocities are important part which gives the weight to the problem.
"Two mates on the bK’s initial square after anticipatory self-pins" - this alone could be achieved much "cheaper" in a couple of minutes:
Stipulation H#2
White Kb6 Ra4 Rg2 Bh1
Black Sc6 Kd5 Pc3 Pe3 Ba2

1.Bc4 Rg5+ 2.Kd4 Rd5#
1.Sb4 Rd2+ 2.Kc4 Bd5#
+3 #5 Diyan Kostadinov 2012-12-19 18:28
Ram, your version of n.78 is nice, but can be improved even more (with change of initial position of the wQ). Look:
Now the thematic tries are 3 with black thematic defences as a refutations and Duel between wQ/bR:
1.Qb3? R:h5!, 1.Qb5? R:h3!, 1.Qc5? R:g4!
1.Qb4! (zz) 1...R:h3/R:g4/R:h5 2.Qa3+/Qa4+/Qa5+

About your threemover n.75 - the defence 1...Sc1 is unpleasant and if you can avoid it this will be great. But the existance of the correct defence move 1...Sc3! save the soundness of the problem, so even if you can not improve it - this threemover is C+.
+2 #6 Diyan Kostadinov 2012-12-20 00:23
Nikola, thank you for your comment and your interesting version - clear realisation of "Two mates on the bK’s initial square after anticipatory self-pins". Also change of functions between wBh1/wRg2.

Yes, you are right that exchange of functions between the two pairs thematic pieces in Janevski's problem n.76 is important and very good. Actually I think that there are even 3 pairs of thematic pieces which change their functions, because wPd2/wRd1 also do it (direct mate piece and support piece).

Another important different between n.76 and your version is that in 76 the thematic pin lines are two (with different pinners - wBg6/wRa5). In your version the thematic line is only one and with the same pinner in both solutions - wRa4. The first option looks more difficult for realisation in my opinion.
+2 #7 seetharaman 2012-12-22 04:55
Thanks Diyan for your comments and posting the improved version N.75.1. The by-play 1..Sb6 2.Sxb6 (3.Bd5#) is also a quiet one - I typed wrongly as check !
+2 #8 Nikola Predrag 2012-12-22 13:45
Yes Diyan, this is what I wanted to say. No.76 is a chess problem and my example is only an illustration of the idea but not a true chess problem. Nowadays we can see too many "examples" published as "originals". So, just because of its simplicity, there is a chance that some example (similar to mine) has been already published among innumerable "originals".
+1 #9 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-01-01 21:41
Unfortunatelly my feelings was approved and today I received the information that problem n.78 (and 78.1 of course) is anticipated by J.Korponai S#2 Stella Polaris 1968.
Thank you for this important and helpful information Ram!

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