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Problem 203: Zoran Gavrilovski - Selfmate

zorangavrilovski(13.06.2013) Selfmate with black Royal battery transformations and change of white continuations by Zoran Gavrilovski from Macedonia.


     1.Bxa5? (2.Rd4+ Kxd4+ 3.Qc5+ Qxc5#)

1...Bf5 2.Rb4+ [Sb4+?] Kd6 3.Rxd3+ Bxd3#

1...Sf5 2.Sb4+ [Rb4+?] Kd6 3.Rxd3+ Sd4#


   1.Bd2! (2.Rd4+ Kxd4+ 3.Qc5+ Qxc5#)

1...Bf5 2.Rc7+ [Rc6+?] Kd4 3.Rd7+ Bxd7#

1...Sf5 2.Rc6+ [Rc7+?] Kd4 3.Qd6+ Sxd6#

Two changed continuations following black battery transformation with dual avoidance.




+2 #1 Nikola Predrag 2013-06-13 15:06
Everything is very nice and the proposed 'solution' includes wSa2 which is pretty useless in the proposed 'try'. But the facts are a bit different. Nevertheless, the whole content presents a fine mechanism.
+2 #2 Roland Ott 2013-06-14 12:21
It is indeed very nice, but 1. Bd2! seems to be the solution and 1. Bxa5? is the supposed to be the proposed try which fails because of 1. - Rc1 2. Rd4+ Kxd4 3. Dc5+ Rxc5+ 4. Kb4!
+1 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-06-14 14:40
Oh, Roland, you are right - the phases was reversed. It's corrected now. Thank you!
+2 #4 seetharaman 2013-06-14 17:13
Beautiful changed mates in a known setting. Good find !

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