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Problem 210: Karol Mlynka - Fairy (Boyscout, Alfil, Andernach Grasshopper, Dragon, Leaper, Camelrider)

mlynka(01.07.2013) A fairy problem by Karol Mlynka from Slovakia where you can find and learn so many fairy pieces.







a) 1.AGf6(wPe7) e8AG+ 2.Sd8  AGc6(wBS)#,

b) 1.AGf6(wPe7) e8AL  2.AGd4(wPe5) ALc6#

c) 1.AGf6(wPe7)  e8(24)  2.d4 (24)c4#

d) 1.AGf6(wPe7)  e8(25)  2.b3 (25)c3#

e) 1.AGf6(wPe7)  e8CR  2.d4 CRc2#

f) 1.AGf6(wPe7)  e8DR  2.Bc7 DRxc7#

g) 1.AGf6(wPe7)  e8CT  2.BSg6 CTg7#


Boyscout (Crooked Bishop): moves like a bishop, but takes a right-angle turn after each step.

Alfil: (2,2/2,2) leaper

Leapers: moving directly to the destination square with no pinning or interference effects

(the Knight is 1,2/2,1 leaper).

Dragon: combination of Knight and Pawn

Cavalier Trojan (Trojan Horse): (1,2;0,2) Leaper-Rider (for example – CTa1 can move on b3-b5-b7 or c2-e2-g2)

Camelrider: a rider along any straight line of Camel [a (1,3/3,1) leaper] moves, e.g. CRa1-b4-c7 or CR a1-d2-g3.

Hoppers: riders additionally requiring one or more hurdles (units occupying squares on their lines) 


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