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Problem 240: Steven Dowd - Selfmate

stevendowd(01.09.2013) A wonderful selfmate by Steven Dowd from USA dedicated to his wife Lisa on her Birthday.




Set play: 1...Bxc3#

Solution: 1.Sa6! Ka4 2.Qc6+ Ka5 3.Rb5+ Ka4 4.Sc5+ Bxc5 5.Rb6+ Ka5

6.Ra6+ Kb4 7.Ra4+ Kc3 8.Qf6+ Bd4 9.Qe5! Bxe5#

   1...Kxa6 2.Qc8+ Ka7! 3.Qc7+ Ka6 4.Qb7+ Ka5 5.Sc4+ Ka4

6.Qa7+ Ba5 7.Sb2+ Ka3 8.Qc5+ Bb4 9.Qc3+ Bxc3#

Bishop minimal with two variation post-key Fata Morgana. Key provides two flights;

c5-knight sacrificed in key and in switchback in second variation; round trip White Queen;

battery play Q/R and B/B/S. (Author) 



+8 #1 Andrey Selivanov 2013-09-01 17:37
Very good problem!
+4 #2 Mirko Degenkolbe 2013-09-02 10:39
In der Tat eine sehr schone und qualitativ sehr hochwertige Aufgabe.
Die (Geburtstags)Widmung ist sehr passend, da die weise Dame die unbestrittene Hauptperson in der Aufgabe ist, und auch die restlichen Daten der Aufgabe in allen Punkten dem beschriebenen Anlass angepasst wurden.
Eine derartige Aufgabe bekommen nur die ganz Grosen ihres Genres auf die Reihe - Steven gehort zweifellos dazu.
+3 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-09-02 12:34
Here is the translation (by google.translate) of the Degenkolbe's comment above: "In fact, a very beautiful and high quality job.
The (Birthday) Dedication is very fitting, as the white queen is the undisputed protagonist of the task, and the remaining data in all aspects of the task were adapted to the occasion described.
Such a task only get the greats of the genre to the series - Steven is certainly one of them."
+4 #4 seetharaman 2013-09-04 17:52
Two variation long movers are not that many and this is a nice problem with setplay, very good echo mates, switchback etc.. Great work !

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