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Problem 242: Alexandr Pankratiev - Helpmate

chesspieces1(05.09.2013) Helpmate with three different wQ promotions and duel between white and black Queens. Welcome to Alexandr Pankratiev from Russia!


1.Sf8 gxf8Q 2.Qe5 Qf3#

1.Sh8 gxh8Q 2.Qf5 Qd4#

1.Sh6 g8Q 2.Qf4 Qd5# 



+2 #1 Kenneth Solja 2013-09-07 07:30
Nice problem, but somehow I don't like black e3-pawn which is actually not needed in two of the mates at all.
I made a following version:
W: Kc4, pg2, pg7 = 3.
B: Ke4, Qg5, Bh6, Sg6 = 4.
1.Qg5-e3 g7-g8=Q 2.Bh6-f4 Qg8-d5 #
1.Sg6-h8 g7*h8=Q 2.Qg5-f5 Qh8-d4 #
1.Sg6-f8 g7*f8=Q 2.Qg5-e5 Qf8-f3 #
But still also in here I don't like Qd5 mate, because f3 is taken twice. I think also this can be improved.
+3 #2 Nikola Predrag 2013-09-07 15:16
In the mate Qd5# wPg2 is superflouos, that might be a weakness in such type of light problems. With the intended mates it is unavoidable in this scheme.

But the main question is about the originality and then the economy. At least, all black pieces should be fully and equally used, if that is possible. An example:
W:Pg7,Kc4,Pg2;B:Rh5,Ke4,Q f4;h#2; 3 sol.
+1 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-09-07 16:16
The diagram and solutions of the suggested version by Nikola is on the following link: prntscr.com/1pvudm

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