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Problem 258 (version 258.1.): Vitaly Medintsev - Helpmate

vitaly(10.10.2013) New nice helpmate by Vitaly Medintsev from Russia.

Update - version 258.1.


1.Seg3! (Se~?) Rb4 2.Sh4!(tempo) Rg8#

1.Sfg3! (Sf~?) Rb5 2.Sg5!(tempo) Rh8#

A Meredith with rich combination of motives: accurate B1 with gate-opening and anticipatory line-closing (involving reciprocal obstruction on g3), accurate tempo B2 with W-B Umnov effect, interchange of functions between white rooks. (Author) 

An improved version 258.1. which the author prefer: 


1.Scb6!(Sc~?) Rg4 2.Sb4!(tempo) Ra1#

1.Sdb6(Sd~?) Rg5 2.Sa5!(tempo) Rb1#



+3 #1 Nikola Predrag 2013-10-10 03:42
Amazing taming of 2 S-wheels!
Interesting coincidence, just before seeing this new problem I finished reading the article at:
I like such bizarre change from a virtual to a real logic. How to use two black moves? Virtually, a random move by one bS will open the gate for one wR and the other bS will precisely interfere with bBh2. But the only good gate opening move is to g3 and all duties for Black will be fulfilled at once, the first bS will play precisely to interfere with bB. But later, Black will have to play again for a tempo and the random move will be delegated to the other bS.
And looking virtually only at the planned black moves, it seems that either in B1 or in B2, one wR will be captured. Of course, in the real time, the threatend wR will escape. The change of virtual and real functions between the solutions:
1.Se~?(Sxg5?)& 2.Sfg3;1.Seg3!&2.Sf~(Sh4!)
1.Sf~?(Sxh4?)& 2.Seg3;1.Sfg3!&2.Se~(Sg5!)
+2 #2 Adrian Storisteanu 2013-10-10 14:35
Wouldn't mirroring the position horizontally make it possible to get rid of the bPs?

White: Kb8 Bg8 Rh5 Pa4 Rg4 Pf2
Black: Bh7 Se5 Sf4 Ka1
+1 #3 Kenneth Solja 2013-10-10 17:50
The position can be mirrored horizontally, but that saves only one black pawn.
White: Kb8 Th5 Tg4 Lg8 Pa4 Pf2
Black: Ka1 Lh7 Se5 Sf4 Pa5
Still I think the original problem is fascinating. Somehow it's a perfect one.
+2 #4 Adrian Storisteanu 2013-10-10 18:04
Kenneth, looks closely at the position I detailed, a wP is also slightly moved: both bPs eradicated.
+1 #5 seetharaman 2013-10-10 20:34
What a great problem. Should delight solvers!
+2 #6 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-10-10 20:41
Thanks, Adrian!
Your version saves two technical units.
The construction will be optimized, certainly!
+2 #7 Adrian Storisteanu 2013-10-10 22:07
You're welcome, Vitaly. More to the point, thank you for the excellent composition. Nikola's "amazing" and Kenneth's "somehow it's a perfect one" are apt descriptions...
0 #8 Vidadi Zamanov 2013-10-12 17:06
Dear Vitaly!
Very nice version of the problem.

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